How To Setup Multiple Airbnb Properties At The Same Time Part 1 | Purchasing, Assembly, Staging

welcome back Airbnb family today I’m
teaching you a definitive guide on how to launch multiple properties at the
same time this is going to save you time it’s going to save you money obviously
increase your profits and your time to market when you do pick up new
properties and you even get to learn from a few of my mistakes this is the
way that I now after sitting at 55 properties I’m sitting on my property so
learn for me let’s get to it alright so yes I am not wearing a button-up shirt
as much can you notice because of course I’m sending up some properties right now
so you to see me casually so I’m going to show you some footage right now of
what it looks like when you do it all so the problem here you’ll see in this room
is we have ourselves furniture setup everything’s pretty much ready to go and
then we’ve got a lot of junk in the apartment this is a bear because at a
building like this one they forced you to break down boxes and then put them
somewhere so we have a very clear order of operations problem there are other
common problems that you’re gonna make including the mistakes that I made so
I’m gonna walk you through these so let’s let’s actually start step by step
on how you should do this so step one you’re going to make a list of
everything you are going to buy in order to do this here’s some tips take some
photos of the empty property first right that way you you can get a feel for the
layout you can start looking at design ideas yes I do all of my own design I
kind of have winged it a lot and have decided on colors that I think match
really well designs that I think match really well general layout styles that I
think are attractive and then I’ve learned from a lot of you hosts by
looking at your profiles and learning a lot of
hotels whenever I’m in a hotel and paying attention to how they lay things
out so taking this all together and now I kind of have my opinion on spaces so
here even let me show you a couple shots of some hotels that are really cool
right here design ideas right learn from the people who are good at this so
number one make a list of everything you’re going to buy and that includes
your bedsheets drapes plates pots and pans everything now you’re going to
research the prices and stuff make sure you get everything at a good deal but
you’re also looking at shipping times some things are going to get on Amazon
some things you can do on Walmart eBay Wayfair online sources Facebook
marketplace etc so now the difference between Amazon and Wayfarer is Amazon
has a prime option where if you ever met you remember you get things super super
fast and I use prime a lot but even there’s more different than Amazon and
Facebook marketplace it’s Facebook marketplaces where you find wholesalers
that will deliver things for you so there are going to be some categories of
things there’s going to be some long long wait items like even if you buy
them on Amazon like assemble furniture like I bought seven dressers on Amazon
and they’ll be here Friday right so that’s not two or three days because
today’s Tuesday but I didn’t order them today you get what I mean
so we’ve got those that take some multiple days you then have your two day
three day items on that Amazon will send you and then you’ll have stuff that
needs to be delivered by persons some of which will need to be assembled and some
of which will come ready set up right so this is another thing you want to
classify do I need to assemble these things or these things going to be
ready-made and separate those so now you’re going to start the whole project
management portion of this you are going to want to get all of your to be
assembled stuff delivered first your ready-made stuff can get put in last you
just drop it in place so plan for that you want to make sure that your long arc
stuff gets bought before you two or three days stuff second because you want
everything to kind of come at the same time too so that’s how you’re going to
plan your shipments based on what you’ve just listed that you’re going to
purchase speaking of if you want to know what I’ve been buying I’m going to
include some kit links some amazon links below
kit comm allows me to put a lot of Amazon links together so look for a kit
link actually and I’ll show you everything that I’ve been buying lately
for these apartments now that you know what you’re buying though and now you
know kind of how everything’s going to come and you’ve talked to a wholesaler
to make sure your stuff isn’t on backorder you’re gonna start getting
your properties now if you’re doing leases like me you’re going to want to
do it like this if it’s in the same building get one lease first I recommend
getting your largest unit first to give you the most space to work with so if
you’re picking up a two-bedroom a three-bedroom grab that alright so
you’re going to activate one lease and you’re going to get your stuff shipped
in the day that your lease starts everything is gonna come on in so what
you want to do is have some hired help maybe one or two persons who are going
to help you assemble everything the cool thing is is since you’ve got your big
space you have more room to work with and you’re hiring these people only
until they’re done you can hire two people they’ll be done faster and then
they’re out of work right easy you can have one person that you invite to come
back to move things later and I’ll tell you when that is the case so you’re
taking all of your inventory right so now let’s give you a hypothetical
scenario we are launching five apartments at the same time so when you
order stuff another tip is you’re going to buy everything uniform you’re going
to buy the same stuff you can change your color schemes up if you want to be
creative but you know if you think about it ninety-eight percent of your shipment
is going to be the same your paper towels your forks plates it’s not though
the what exactly but it’s the what literally that you’re bringing in so you
could have plates that are different designs cool but you’re still going to
order five sets of plates you can order five sets of cups you’re gonna order
five carpets you’re gonna buy the number of beds the bed frames and everything so
what I’m really alluding to here is buy the same type of things for each
apartment in uniformity so you have five apartments if they’re all studios you’re
gonna have five kitchenette sets right you’re going to have five beds that are
it unless you obviously now I’m retracting again you could have a bed
that’s a king size and you could have studio with two foals or whatever but
you’re still going to have five apartments fully furnished worth of
stuff in this one shipment and so in one room you’re going to take all of your
items and you’re going to unbox them from your Amazon boxes or wherever and
you’re going to move them and organize them in one room so take a bedroom and
organize you’ve got five of this five of that five of that right so now you’re
ready for distribution then you’re going to take those boxes and you’re going to
flatten them out and you’re going to have an area where you pile all your
flat boxes together because as you saw with that separate video we have
mountains of Amazon boxes and it’s driving us insane trying to move these
around and out of these apartments so you’ve got your destruction box area
you’ve got your distribution inventory control area this allows you to see if
anything’s missing and then you’ll start taking your
assembled furniture the stuff that you’ve got to do on your own and you’re
going to start assembling those things right you’re going to do this in your
main living area and you’re going to work from the back of the room to the
front and you’re going to assemble all of your nightstands you’re going to
assemble you know all of your like tables if you have tables chairs
everything you’re gonna start assembling them all and you’re going to basically
your first unit is a warehouse temporarily so what you’ve done is
you’ve done all the time intensive stuff organizing the massive supplies and
putting your furniture together and this allows you now to distribute so you are
then going to activate the remainder of your leases and you are going to
distribute everything that day right you still haven’t had the ready drag and
drop stuff show up yet right this is important so you’re going to have your
delivery guys deliver like the big heavy couches and stuff that they need to
deliver at the end of this one day the one when you activate all of your other
leases so when you activate the leases in the morning you’re going to then take
everything and distribute it so you’re going to order that everything’s
organized you’re like okay I need one set of these you can put them all on
this big cart or something whatever the building might supply you or you’re on
and you’re going to move that into the bit into one apartment and you take the
ready-made furniture the chairs and the you know the nightstands and everything
else and you going to move those into the cool thing about doing it like this
is yes you’re moving some furniture down a hallway but I
if you’ve got roller dollies and stuff it’s not that big of a deal and now
you’re not spending what was forty to sixty hours of labor putting all this
stuff together after your leases have started right so it’s going to take you
about six hours to move for apartments in that’s what a normal mover takes
about 1.5 hours for a studio apartment to move everything in and be done right
now at the end of the day you did that late
delivery now the couches come in and anything else that’s too big and already
assembled and that stuff comes in so now the first day that all of your leases
are activated you have perfectly everything inside of all of your units
so now you’re good there as far as your listing of the spaces goes you can start
prepping to list them all if they’re all uniform you’d start prepping to list
them all when you take the first lease this is another great thing about doing
it this way so now what you’ll have is you’ll have let’s say five apartments
you have the you have near the general outside photos and all the property
photos and everything and you make all five Airbnb profiles and put in all the
stuff that’s going to be the same set up the profiles put them on snooze for now
right and get everything set up share them with your co-hosts make sure
everything’s locked tight now you could take them off snooze and just make the
next few days unavailable so that way people can start seeing them um I have
bookings before they’re ready I actually have a booking for one that doesn’t even
have photos how about that right so it’s okay if you do this but I did make it so
that way nobody could come in until a certain day so block off days before
they’re ready so all you have to do now because your profiles were already
pre-made your stuff was already simple dand everything is you move the stuff in
you organize it all you start taking photos you add the photos to your Airbnb
profiles and they’re already up and now you’re good to go the last thing you’ll
need to do of course is make sure you’ve got your house manual type your check-in
instructions type and you accidentally don’t copy and paste the same exact
house manual do the same to all the five listings because then you’re
accidentally going to give people the same apartment five times I know little
detail but we’ve done it so we’ve accidentally copied and pasted a house
manual that was a perfect house manual but inside of it there’s an apartment
number and we forgot to change it and now people are confused about where
they’re supposed to show up so don’t make that mistake with that said I’m
sure there’s a whole lot more questions you have now if this is especially if
this is the first time you’ve pondered launching five air bebe properties at
the same time yes I’m doing that as we speak so this is advice from the field
based on my mistakes so if you have any other questions I’m going to be doing
this for the next few days and I’m doing it again with eight apartments next week
so feel free to leave some questions in the comments thank you for watching your
beam be automated and I’ll see you on the other side

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