How to pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

The Property Casualty Test qualifies already
licensed insurance agents to sell property and casualty insurance. After completing the
required class hours as well as the application process, you may take your Property Casualty
Exam, where you will be given four hours to be tested over your knowledge in Property
and Casualty insurance. The test will consist of two parts: a property section, and a casualty
section. Topics on these sections include Insurance Regulation, General Insurance, Property
Insurance basics and Casualty Insurance basics, Dwellings, Homeowners, Auto, Commercial package
policy, and other insurance types. If you’d like to view available Property Casualty
study guides, flash cards, and practice tests, check out for more information.
Also, check out their academy website, for free tutorial videos. All of these links
are available in the description below, or you can just google “mometrix.” Thank you,
and good luck on your Property Casualty Test.

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  1. You have a very energetic presentation voice. Thank you for the video as I am the process currently. How are these preparations prepared?

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