How to Find The Cellin Stash House “Private Property” Drug Lab – Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna show you how to find the
Cellin stash house the new drug lab on Cellin and we’re starting right now what’s up citizens welcome to a star
citizen’s guide to the galaxy I’ve come across yet another drug lab this time on
Crusaders moon selling if you haven’t seen the first three locations I’ve
found stay tuned to the in screen for links to those guys this facility can be
found by accepting admission from Wallace Kim at Levski the way they get
there is to head towards sellin in quantum travel to OEM one next find om6 and om4 in between those two there is a cluster
of what looks like veins toward the bottom of these veins there is a small
mountain range located here aim slightly above it and head on end I found two
drug labs on Lyria and one on Dame are already I think there is one more be
sure to subscribe for that guide as well as we get closer we’ll notice our next
landmarks the mountain ranges here head towards the ones in the middle the
sellin stash house is located in between the two middle ranges here a few moments later ah daddy be sure to land close the range to buy
the product is smaller than what you may be used to a jump town heading inside you’ll notice it has the
same interior as the orphanage on leiria and the stash house on des mark we walk up to the console and you’ll
notice there are two new drugs neon and slam as far as I know
neon can only be sold at grim hex and the slam cell location is a mystery to
me so what do you guys think about the selling stash house what do you think
about multiple drug labs in the stanton system what do you think about the
prices has the risk/reward gameplay of JT been diminished let me know down in
the comments did you like this guide like it consider subscribing by clicking
the circle here check out some of my other videos in this series here and
until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse

29 thoughts on “How to Find The Cellin Stash House “Private Property” Drug Lab – Star Citizen 3.5

  1. I think someone said the profit margin was only about 5% on the new drugs, which really makes the risk/reward not worth it. We'll see what happen after the PU releases though. Thanks for the viddy.

  2. GH was the only place (so far) I could find to sell the new vices. The only exception was SLAM which I found it could be sold at HUR-L5. It could be sold at other R&R possibly. Didn't check any further.

  3. The only drug lab on yela is jt,the other is an abandoned outpost called NT-999-XX,i was there yestarday and its destroyed

  4. Another great and helpful video. Love keep it simple format. I refer to your videos while I'm in game all the time. Landmarks are spot on, background music is good, interjections as walkthroughs could grow and the pop ups break it up. Keep it up and don't be afraid to do some retro content I would be interested in you ship reviews, guides around ports etc. You've got a fresh approach to SC commentary and it good and will get better.

  5. yea still can't sale Slam anywhere. the places people say below don't work so don't know what game they are playing LOL but if I find it before you i'll let you know 😉 keep up the good work brother!

  6. can u do the one for Hurston? Orinth? No one has a good guide, theres only one video and its bad, yours is so high quality. Thank you

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