How To Create Landing Page Without Coding (2019)

if you want to have your own audience
and subscribers you need to have a landing page where the visitors will
land on and leave their contact details no problem if you are not good at
programming and don’t have a budget to hire somebody now I will show you how
simple it is to create a landing page and start collecting subscribers already
from today so go to and hit get started
button so in here you can enter your personal details choose the type of your
project like if it’s a product service or mobile app etc enter your products
name and choose industry from the drop-down industry you then hit
create account button as I already have an account in here I’ll show you this
tool from inside so I’m logging in right from here and you can start creating
your site by clicking the create new site button so I choose product give it
a name alright choose some category like
consumer goods and hit create project button so from here you can choose
either the free option or the cheap $5 option which includes some more features
I’ll show with the free one click continue and afterwards you can either
through the ready template or start from scratch and do it yourself
let choose one of these templates for example this one and preview it if it’s
ok we’re pushing select new template button and voila we can put a new title
for the page like this something like this so in order to add or subtract
fields we need to go to we get users menu select the settings tab and if we
want our subscribers to enter their name we simply take here full name they’re
easy all the text can be edited let’s do some changes so you can see how easy it
is to change the background picture go to Builder theme tab choose edit of the page
background remove current picture and select a new one but let’s leave our
image as it is we can also add blocks and change the
appearance as according to the needs of your project you can change your sub
domain name in setup menu in here or you can add your personal domain name by
upgrading your subscription when you are finally down with addition hit publish
and press Continue congratulations now you have your own landing page from
then on when any user subscribes to your page and gets the thank you note you will
find that information under the audience menu in your account here where you also
have analytics tool here to measure some good metrics as well this is very easy
guys hope this helps

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  1. Hi! This really helped, thanks so much. I appreciate all your videos and PDF's they are a massive help. Where would you recommend posted the Launchrock landing page so people actually sign-up?

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