How Should You Connect With New Leads?

And then you just naturally
flow into your script but give ’em what they
want right out of the gate. Don’t start taking them down
this game of 20 questions, they don’t want to play that with you. All right, structure of
handling leads, like, you guys need to have a very,
very solid plan in place. I have a chart I’ll send to you guys, just send me a direct message on Instagram and I’ll send it to you. Like the whole flowchart
of all of this stuff. But the key is you just
need to have a plan and you need to stick to the plan, you need to do it every time. Statistically speaking, if
you can follow up with leads within the first five minutes your conversion rate’s going
to shoot through the roof. Now the study that everybody references is this thing called a lead
response management study. If you ever look at this lead
response management study, look at the date when it was done. It was 10 plus years ago, I believe. It’s an old ass study
but people still rely on this data all the time. Well if 10 plus years ago, five minutes was how quickly you needed to respond to a lead, I would challenge you that
it’s five seconds today. A lot of the top teams around
the country have call centers built out to where their
average time from a lead to making the outbound phone
call is under five seconds. That’s what you guys are competing with so the faster you follow
up with your leads, the more people you’re going
to get in contact with. Especially because a lot these websites are sending leads out to multiple agents. First agent who gets
on the phone with them is going to be the agent who
has the conversation with them and is going to have
the highest probability of turning that into an appointment. So first and foremost you need to get on the phone with them. Something that we do at our
office is called war dialing. I stole this from my friend
Lisa, out in Massachusetts. So war dialing is, lead
comes in, ring, ring, ring, no answer, hang up, redial,
ring, ring, ring, hang up, nope, redial, ring, ring,
ring, three times in a row. You’ll be shocked at what happens when you actually call
three straight times. In your head you’re like, “Oh my god they’re going to get so mad, “they’re going to be pissed
off, they’re going to kill me.” Shut up. What are they going to do? It’s insane, when they see the
same number call three times, they’ll answer just out of curiosity. Just to be like, “Who is this?” And if they answer like, “Why are you calling me so many times?” Like, “I am just so excited, I saw you were looking at
this property, it’s amazing.” Like get excited with them. But you’re never going to have that issue. Like get it out of your head that people are going to be mad at you because you called them three
times in a row and just do it. You don’t lose money when
somebody gets mad at you, but you lose money when somebody else gets in touch with them before you. Just call them three times. Other things, so you need
to do that immediately, three dials, follow up with a text message because a lot of people,
especially millennials, don’t want to talk to you but they’ll respond to your text message. I literally bought a car purely
via text message recently. I never even went to the dealership, the entire transaction
was done over text message and then they drove to my office and then they brought me the paperwork. I did have to sign
paperwork at some point. But that was it, like
I did the entire thing start to finish via text message. So you need to do that, there’s a lot of people
who don’t want to talk but they’ll happily text with you. And then third is you
need to integrate email and I would strongly encourage you guys to integrate video into those emails. You need to humanize yourself, you need to show them
that you’re not a robot. So if your emails are just
automated, text only emails, they’re just going to blend
in with everything else. BombBomb uses something
they call a hostage board which is a terrible name
but it’s an impactful name. Which is basically just a whiteboard, write their name on it. Write on it, “Hi Justin.” And now when they open that email and BombBomb animates the preview, and it’s just a whiteboard
that says, “Hi Justin” on it. Do you think he’s going to open that? [Audience Member] Yeah. He’s… Just the curiosity alone is like, “All right, this guy’s fucking weird “but I got to see what he has to say.” (audience laughter) They’re going to click
it, just out of curiosity. Just do it, I promise you, go buy yourself a whiteboard, they’re $5. If you do nothing else you
just do those three things. War dial, the second it comes in and then you follow up
with a text message, and then you send an email, your conversion rate will
shoot through the roof. Other little tricks like
in your text messages or even on your scripts, quit
calling people and saying, “Hey this Kyle with Whissel Realty Group.” Don’t open with that. They don’t care, they
don’t know who you are. The majority of people when
they fill out a form on Zillow think the person who’s
calling them is Zillow. They don’t know you. They don’t know your company, nor do they care at that point. So when you call, “Hey it’s
Kyle, the team at Zillow asked me to connect with
you about 123 Main Streets.” That’s how you need to
open your conversations. Don’t tell them your full name, they don’t care what your last name is, they don’t care what
company you work for yet. But open with that, make
the connection to Zillow because that’s how they came in. Make the connection to REALTOR because that’s how they came in. It’ll totally change things for you guys. The second part of it is, don’t sit here and ask them 20 questions when you first get on the phone with them. I just got back from Vegas, if I walk up to a blackjack table and I put my $100 on the
table to get my change and the dealer wants
to ask me 20 questions and I’m just sitting here
like, “Let’s go, let’s go.” I’m just going to get up and I’m
going to move to the next table. I don’t want to have a long conversation I want to play some
fricking blackjack, right. Well what happens when you
walk up to a blackjack table you put the $100 down,
they give you the change, they start dealing some
cards and then they’re like, “Oh where are you guys from?” “Oh what are you in town for?” That’s how it works right? Give the person what they want first then you can come back and
ask them the questions. So there’s an acronym
LPMAMA that’s been out there for a long time which is location, price, people switch these around but we go, mortgage, agent, motivation
and then appointment. Where I challenge you if it’s
a lead on a specific property from like a Zillow, realtor
Trulia, move that A to the top. So if they inquired on 123
Main Street, it would be, “Hey Justin it’s Kyle, the
team at Zillow asked me “to connect with you
about 123 Main Street, “when would you like to go see it?” Just start with that,
give them what they want. Quiet trying to get their
whole life story first. Yeah and then they’re like, “Oh I’d love to go see
it on Saturday, cool.” “Yeah, yeah all right, awesome, “I’d love to show it to you Saturday, “you know that place is in
Santee is that the main area “that you guys are looking in? And then you just naturally
flow into your script but give ’em what they
want right out of the gate. Don’t start taking them down
this game of 20 questions, they don’t want to play that with you. So that little tip will
really change things for you guys as well. So that’s how it starts initially and then again just shoot
me a DM on Instagram and I’ll send you the whole flowchart. But ultimately from that point, we call them every day for the first week. We call them every week
for the first month. We call them every month until they die. (audience laughter) And then we call their kids, yeah. It’s called a buy or die plan. Once you do connect with them you’re going to categorize
them appropriately hot for us is within 30 days. Nurture is 30 to 90 days. Watch is 90 to 180 and archive is 180 or whatever unique scenario
that they have going. And then those hots
we’re calling every week. Nurtures every two weeks. Watch every month. Archive every quarter. Wait, wait, before you leave
I want to share some more tips and tricks that we’re
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