How My Student Bought Real Estate Without Money

Is it just me? Am I the only one out
there buying real estate no money and no credit? No. I’ve got students everywhere
that are doing this and making this happen. I asked one of them who actually
lives in the area to actually drive on into the office sit with me here in the
studio of our Convention Center and share with you exactly what they did to
buy their property with no money no credit and how they’re doing it over and
over and over again. So, check it out. I actually have one
of my students sitting here with me this is Jayden.
Dude, Jayden. Thank you so much for being here today, brother. I really
appreciate it. You know, Jayden and I… We now have a
history as I look back on this last year. I’ve been able to actually personally
firsthand witness some of your biggest successes because I saw where you
started. I know how we met. I’m going to let you share that. But frankly, we’ve got you
on the video today because you’re actually out there doing deals with no
money and helping other people. And it’s based on a new initiative that we have
you’re called maverick. And it’s relatively new so you probably have
never heard about it. But I wanted to show you some of those actually out
there crushing it the way I was when I was young and purchasing real estate
when I didn’t have any money. Of course, I think that you started with no money and
you’re getting somewhere now .So, tell them just briefly like how do we meet.
-Yeah, for sure Kris. So, I actually found out about you on through the YouTube
channel. One of my really good friends, Jeremiah he ended up taking me to one of
your events last year. And I think it was your August event last year. I had no
prior experience in real estate or even in you know personal development or
anything like that. Kris actually does. And at that event.
it was really a life-changing event for me. It was incredible to see how I went
from an individual who was a broke and you know working actually 5
to 9 every single day as a personal trainer and doing a whole bunch
of marketing on the side. And you know, the everyday desk job to. Now, owning my
own business is having real estate and actually learning from one of the best
mentors I’ve ever had. So, from that event, I had an opportunity to you know get
started in some learning some of your courses. The lease option Pro, that was an
incredible course for me. -Well and now, you’ve actually joined team
transformation. -Yeah. -We have some people that that find me on YouTube and they’ll
come out to my live events and then they’ll do internships so they’ll work
with us where you can become a member of the team. So, team transformation is a
group of hustlers that basically get breakthrough training from me and my
team and then they learn how to absolutely freaking crush it and make
incredible things happen. It’s like my friend Tony
says. “Life isn’t happening to you. It’s happening for you.” And you know, Jaden; I
remember I know we want to talk about how you did that deal with no money. -Yeah.
-And the next several deals that are actually in the works. But I actually
want to back it up for a moment. Because I remember when you started your journey,
you needed like $1,200 a month just to kind of cover your bills.
-Yeah. -And I’ve seen you now make thousands of dollars in a day or a week.
Like you’ve changed everything. So, I appreciate that you talked about this
life-changing experience. The event. By the way, if you haven’t been to it. It’s
such an insane kickoff to living life it’s like a rebirth at a whole new level.
But dude, all of that’s transpired in a year.
What’s it literally like being you today when you look at your near future? -Kris,
I’ll tell you what. It’s… And I tell us to everybody that I speak with is
it’s been such a daily process of improvement that I you know… It’s hard
for me to even notice the difference it’s just who I am now but you know,
speaking a year ago, I was 40 pounds overweight. You know, I had bad
relationships. I was kind of a people pleaser here back in the day. And you
know I was so soft-spoken and really not confident in Who I am and my life’s
mission. And you know after being a part of team transformation working with you
and also attending the events, it’s been incredible to see how every single 90
days, I’m just leveling up. I went from making $12,000 a month to making
$24,000 a month. -You said 12,000. You mean 1,200? -1200, yep. Right. And
now making… Now it’s you know tens of thousands a month and you know sometimes
I’ll make thousands of dollars in a day. And it’s all due to putting in
the work and learning from some of the best mentors and having proximity to
those mentors and those incredible people. -Awesome, brother. Well listen the
reason why we got you here today is we have a brand new program that most
people hardly know about is called maverick. And it’s where I said, “You know
what? I’ve been playing this game a real estate for such a long time. And you know
what? What is the craziest sickest most insane thing that I could give someone?”
It would have to be bigger than just training. It would have to be more than
education. It would have to be more than a life-changing event. The craziest thing
I could do is literally partner with someone and have them actually going
with me on the game of real estate and start investing successfully.
And this is exactly what the Maverick program is. I basically… I threw it out
there. You were one of the first to know about it. I basically said, “Listen, if you
find someone out there that’s sitting on a little nest egg of money 401k, IRA home
equity that doesn’t they’re not satisfied with their financial results.
And they want to be better prepared for their financial future. Then bring them
to my organization. If they like my system and partner with me to go buy
houses and you refer them, I will literally cut you in as my equal partner
on my share. And so, that’s… Tell us what happened. -So, it was actually I
understood the importance of the maverick program but I… You know…. And when
I got started, it was incredible. All the training that I received and I knew that
it was an opportunity for me to go and actually invest in real estate. You know
without any credit or any money. But perfect. You know, being a young 24
year old. And so when I got started, I just started sharing all about Kris. All
that I’ve been learning on social media, friends and family. And eventually it got to the point where people started asking me for some of your free
resources. From there, I shared it with them. They got to know you. They
learned about your system. -So, free resources like this guy or this guy. So,
this is this is a book that I wrote years ago and just had it updated for
the new economy. This book basically shares the single best way to make the
most money in real estate with least time effort and risk.
Most people don’t know where to start. This book will give you that blueprint.
And then this document documents my last 4,000 real estate transactions –addresses
and all everything that I’ve done. And it breaks down why the system works and has
great longevity. So, you started giving some of these tools away or podcast or
YouTube videos or whatever. And then what happened? -And from there, it got to the
point where they said, “We love what Kris is all about and we want to come to a
live event.” And luckily, you know, I hooked him up with some tickets. They came out
to a live event. They saw you in person and they decided that they were going to take
the extra money that they’ve been putting away into you know at 401k or
other you know less performing areas and finances. And they earner it up with you.
-Dude, hooking up them with those… With your
tickets and and putting that out there. I bet that ROI has been pretty steep, right?
So, they’re out there now, they’re getting under contract, they’re buying properties.
And their partnership is specifically with me. I’m a 50% owner they’re a 50%
owner. But I’m at a phase in my life right now where I’m trying to help as
many people as possible. So, I take my 50% ownership and I basically gave half of
it to you and said, “We’re not equal owners.” And go do it again
and go out there… And you know, I think they’ve got a game plan of
purchasing several properties over the next 12 months.
By the way, have they closed on the first one yet? -I think they’re in the process
right now. -They’re in the process of closing on the first one. They’re going to
do more deals after that. Do you think you’re going to find more partners? -Oh,
absolutely. It’s an everyday process. I’m always putting it out there
and looking for individuals who want to see what real estate investing can do to
their lives and their financial freedom. -Awesome. Well, listen. For those of you
watching, I want to make sure you understand what this actually means.
Because you’re not the only one on Team transformation that has done this. We
have people everywhere now all over the world that are catching win and
realizing, “Wait a second. You’re telling me there’s a system that I can share
Kris’s free resources with other people? And if they get involved in partner with
Kris, then I’ll become equal partners with Kris Krohn on the real estate and
I don’t have to have money and I don’t have any credit?” That my friends, is it
true? -It’s awesome. -It’s amazing. It’s incredible. So, listen. If you want to
learn more about that maverick program, by the way, do you tell people about that
maverick? Do you recommend it? -Every single day. -Listen, if you want to learn
more about it, there is a link below where we’ve created a little webpage
that gives you a little bit more information. And frankly, gives you an
opportunity to talk to a member of the team you might actually be speaking
directly with Jayden himself. Since he’s one of our leaders now in team
transformation. Literally zero to hero in the last 12 months. He always had it in
him. He wasn’t broken. But he had to be shown
the way. He had to be given an opportunity. And if you feel like, “Kris,
I’m not broken. Show me the way, give me the tools. Give me the opportunity.”
All of those lie in the link below. Click the link. Learn about the Maverick
program and learn how you can do what Jaden has done. And by the way, you’ll
find other links below for my upcoming events. If you have not been out to event,
sure! You might have to pay for some gas or get in the car or you might
have to hop on a plane or get an air B&B hotel or whatever. But what is it
worth it? -Oh, absolutely. The events is where my life really
changed. -You know, when we say there’s a life-changing event, I think that could
come across super cliche, yeah? So, I’m going to make it really I’m gonna ask you a
really hard question. Would you say it’s a life-changing
experience? What are you… Like can you try to add some more words to that? Like what
about it was so life-changing? -For me, what changed my life
was discovering my true purpose and being able to have the tools necessary
to take action on that purpose and actually see results. I have had many
mentors in the past. I’ve had many opportunities, trainings.
Well, the difference was is I actually got what I wanted at the end of that
event. -And you know, there’s a science to how we do it. There’s a reason
why out of a 40 event at just the end of day one. We asked everyone who’s
genuinely had a life-changing experience and people are jumping out of their
seats. There’s a science to it I’ve dedicated my life to it. You might know
me for the game of real estate but it’s probably one of the smaller parts of who
I really am. I want to thank you guys so much for watching today. And Jaden, dude. I
want to thank you so much for taking the time to be here. I’m thrilled about your
success how your life has changed. And of course, it could be your time next. Jaden,
if they’re considering clicking that link below would you recommend?
-Absolutely, guys. -Guys, learn about the program. Have a conversation with the
team and if it makes sense, become my business partner. Become the next part of
my track record on my next 10,000 purchases. Let’s go out there and win in
the game of real estate but do it easier than it’s ever been made available. Less
time, certainly no money. You can be out there in the game crushing it as my real
estate partner. And that is real. I’m just the guy on YouTube to you. But guess what? You know, I partners all over the world
–Saudi Arabia, Japan… If you want to become one of my partners, it’s all the
informations down there in the link below. Jaden has certainly made it happen
and you can as well. So, last thing: If you liked the video, please smash that like
button. It tells YouTube that they should share it with other people. It expands
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