How Much Money Can You Make Wholesaling Real Estate?

hello there friend and today’s video
we’re gonna talk about how much money can you make wholesaling real estate
perhaps the most important question of all when it comes to real estate how
much money can you make wholesale in real estate get it right here now okay welcome back to another episode of
real estate freedom TV I’m your host Jerry Norton excited to be here with you
in this video we’re gonna talk about money and how much money you can make
and it’s a topic that that everybody wants to know well you know when it
comes to wholesaling houses how much money can I make now
disclaimer here it’s never about the money and I hope you will hear me out
here for a second it’s not about the money it’s about having the time and the
freedom to have B do and give everything that matters in life that’s what the
money does for me it’s what it’s provided for me an amazing lifestyle
became a millionaire at the age of 30 through real estate I took that and yeah
I let it propel my dream life to be able to travel and have nice things and do
nice things and so that’s what it’s all about and I want you to catch the vision
of this I want you to see just how much money you can make wholesaling real
estate so let’s talk about it okay first of all number one is there is
no set rule to how much money you make per wholesale deal okay it’s not like
you can charge only a certain amount or there’s like a set fee or anything like
that it’s not how it works what how it works is it’s the difference
between the contract price right and what a buyer will pay a cash buyer will
pay that’s how much you make the difference
okay so in other words if you have a contract for fifty thousand right
wholesaling is you get the contract do you have a contract for fifty thousand
and you have a ready and willing investor cash buyer that will pay sixty
thousand because that’s the value of that contract to them based on whatever
they’re going to do with it then how much do you make you make ten thousand
dollars now if they’re only willing to pay fifty five then you make five
thousand dollars if they’re only willing to pay fifty one then you make one
thousand dollars if they’re willing to pay seventy thousand dollars then you
make thousand dollars your fee for
wholesaling is the difference between your contract
and what a cash buyer will pay now some cash buyers will pay more than others so
it’s all about your cash buyer network your cash buyer list so as a wholesaler
one of the most important things that you can do is build a cash buyer list a
cash buyer list and what a cash buyer list is that’s gold that’s money baby
because the more people on the list the more likely you’ll find somebody that
will pay you for your deal okay so with that in mind let’s talk a little bit
about how we determine you know this number here right so our buy price so
what we do is we look at a formula when we when we buy real estate and the
formula helps us understand you know what do buyers what are investors how do
they look at a deal what criteria did they look at what numbers do they run so
that if I understand what they pay their formula for how they determine the buy
price on a deal then all I know is I got to be underneath that because if I’m
underneath that there’s room there for me to bring them a deal that fits their
criteria okay so plainly put let’s back into these numbers again if this
investor looks at this bedroom list this house and let’s say that this house is
you know it’s 1,200 square feet it’s a three-bedroom two-bath and it’s a
two-car garage and it’s in a it’s a brick house and it’s in a certain
neighborhood in town and this investor looks at deals like that and they run
their formula and they say you know what based on the repairs based on the
neighborhood that’s in based on some factors that I’m gonna look at if I can
pick up that property for sixty thousand that’s a deal to me okay so I’ll pay
sixty thousand for that deal all day long and to them it really doesn’t
matter about anything else right they just know that if they can get it for
sixty it works now if you know that that’s how they look at
deals as a wholesaler because you’re the wholesaler over here right if you know
that that’s how that investor or investors like them are looking at deals
and you know that the as is fiction flip by number is 60,000 then it allows you
to undermine and go in on your offers knowing that you have to be below 60,000
because you have to bring it to them at their number so that they make money and
it works for them so you get it for 50 you just built in a $10,000 profit how
much money can you make wholesaling real estate how many of these could you
possibly do in a given month or a given year let’s talk about it for a second so
when I first got started almost 15 years ago in Detroit
I started wholesaling junker houses I’m talking like five and ten thousand
dollar houses right not in good areas and I was flipping them to buy and hold
investors that that’s what they did they they rented them out in you know rougher
areas in Detroit and so I would find deals I would bring them to them and I’m
on average I would make about three to ten thousand dollars okay three to ten
thousand dollars is about what I could is about my markup on deals that I would
get okay so let’s just call it on average five five thousand as the
average okay so I would I would make about five thousand on average well at
first I would do one here kind of one there because I was doing it part-time I
still had my construction job you know cuz I was scared to quit that but very
quickly doing a few wholesale deals way surpassed any money I could make in a
job you know working hourly so I quit that job
and I started focusing on real estate full-time in my first month now again
let me disclaimer this here results very not typical just because I did it
doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same thing for somebody else and all of that
I’m just telling you my experience and you decide if you think you can
duplicate my experience okay but what I did is I when
at full time and I hustled and I wasn’t afraid to get out there and and work
hard and I got to a point where I was doing four and five of these little
wholesale deals every month and very quickly I was making a six-figure income
and then you know a mid six-figure income and then a high six-figure income
and I eventually transitioned out a wholesaling that started doing fix and
flips and high-end new construction and other things that I do now today all
flipping still but my point is is my first month that I did wholesaling
full-time not a little part-time stuff I was doing for about a year but when I
finally transitioned and did it full-time my first month I made fifty
two thousand dollars I think I wholesaled like five deals and in that
first month because I’m full-time right I’m putting a lot more effort into it
I made fifty two thousand dollars wholesaling four or five deals in my
first month okay that was twice my salary working in my minimum wage and
construction over a whole year right I doubled that in one month made as much
money as I was making in two years at my dead-end job okay and I’m not a smart
guy this isn’t brain surgery it’s hustle if you’re willing to hustle
get out there and do some work to get contracts network with cash buyers
figure out what they’re willing to pay for deals go make offers for less than
that bring those deals to them anybody can get a deal with a $5,000 or $10,000
discount markup from what other investors are willing to pay because
these cash buyers they don’t want to put in the work to go find deals they just
want deals handed to them so that opens up a huge opportunity for you and you
can do this part-time like when I first got started you can do a part-time you
can do it full-time and you can do it anywhere in the country that’s what’s so
exciting about wholesaling and you can make a lot of money how much money do
you want to make that’s the question not how much money can you make how much
money do you want to make in this business okay if you want to make three
hundred thousand dollars and your average wholesale deal is five thousand
do the math backing in and say okay that means I need to do
x-number deals a month to hit this the income that I want to hit wholesaling
houses there is no ceiling on the kind of money that you can make in another
video watch this video I talk about a wholesale deal where I made thirty two
thousand dollars I’m one wholesale deal a little house in Oak Park Michigan got
it for twenty five wholesaler for fifty seven made thirty two thousand dollars
on one deal so how many deals would it take for you to completely transform
your life wholesaling real estate that’s what I want you to ask that’s the
question I asked myself I was looking at my construction job I was learning how
to do this I was doing a couple little deals here and there and I said what
does it need to look like for me to live my dream life have my dream house you
know everything I want to be able to travel I have a huge family I have eight
kids to be able to spend time with them and do things for them and provide for
them what does that need to look like okay how many deals I need to go do
let’s do it and I went out there and did it and you can do it too okay here’s
what I want to do to help make this process easier for you is when it comes
to wholesaling houses if you want to get started in this and you want to do it
quickly then you’ve got to be able to find deals that’s the number one thing
is you’ve got to be good at finding deals your lead generation acquisitions
that’s where it all starts get good at finding deals it’s easy to find these
buyers they’re out there they’re everywhere they’re dying for deals the
key is being able to find good deals so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you
my software I developed a software that finds underpriced
homes for sale right now in your market and any ZIP code in the US all you do is
you put your zip code in and it gives you a list it even tells you how far
below value it is so you can go after the highest below value once the the
most below value ones first and work on those ones they’re normally I charge for
the software I’m giving it away for free as a loyal subscriber to my channel so
make sure you’re a subscriber to the channel click on the link in the
description and that will give you you’ll need to give me your email will
email you over your own login to the software so it’s cloud-based once
you do that you’ll get the login put your zip code in and get that list and
it’s awesome because it gets you started right away with deals that you can go
after it cuts out all of the time to go figure out you know is this a good deal
to go after is this a motivated seller this is your list it’s your short list
it’s your hot list to get started right now we call it data cruncher so go do
that right now click on the link in the description get that software for free
get started finding deals get out there make this happen make this a reality and
start making the kind of money that you’ve always dreamed of and do it with
real estate and achieve the life of your dreams

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  1. Hey Jerry love the videos man very very informative and has cleared a lot of my doubts I truly appreciate your help and work!! Which is the Data cruncher ?

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