How much does it cost 💲 as a buyer to use a realtor?

Hi, my name is Charles Vander Stelt. I’m a
real estate agent in Northwest Indiana. I work for a brokerage named ‘Listing
leaders’ and I am also the founder of a real estate related website named, go ahead and take a visit to that website, you can see every home for
sale in Northwest Indiana and get some great information about buying or
selling a home. “How much does it cost as a buyer to
use a realtor?” The answer to this is very very little. When someone decides to sell
their home, they give the listing agent they agreed with the listing agent to a
commission. And say, for example, that rate is 6%. That listing agent then takes a
portion of that commission and offers it to any agent that brings the buyer. Again,
it all works as a large cooperative. So, that agent, that listing agent, may take
to 2, 2.5 or 3 percent and offer it to all of the agents in the
real estate Association, and say “Hey, if you bring a buyer this is what we’ll pay
you”. The only fee that you would face and working with me as a buyer is our office
policy fee which is $365. Often times we can
get the seller to pay that because I can get you a closing cost allowance.

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