How Complacent Realtors Are Costing Sellers Thousands

Hi everyone. Your Tampa Bay real estate
expert Lance Mohr and in this video I want to go over why agents are getting
complacent in this real estate market and how they’re costing you the seller
thousands of dollars because of their complacency all right so everybody knows
right now pretty much all over the US we’re in a really good real estate
market and where I’m at Tampa Bay it’s one of the hotter markets in the nation
in what’s happening is not only just homeowners are getting real complacent
when hi Bri and real estate agents but a lot of the agents are getting real
complacent and the other week I had a conversation with an agent they came up
to me and they asked if I could look at listing of theirs to see why it hasn’t
sold it’s been on the market several months I mean I think it’s like on a 2
or 3 months and it was a pretty good price range a little over what the
average in the market is selling out there’s a ton of buyers in this price
range so I looked at it and I asked them quite a few questions you know try to
get an idea from them why their pictures were just average why their description
wasn’t really that good and engaging you know what type of marketing they did
were doing on the home etc and the agent basically just responded back to me well
I just thought the home would sell because you know the market were in and
I’ve seen this more and more I’m seeing a lot of sellers are real complacent
hiring agents thinking no agents you know or any different you know they’re
all the same and a lot of real estate agents they get in there they don’t
really go full force they just sort of go halfway or maybe they don’t know what
to do that could be the case as well they don’t know what to do when it comes
to listing and so you as a homeowner you as a seller it’s your job to interview
agents and monitor what the agents doing because in this case with the real
estate agent a home being on the market 90 days hit shot born and I told them I
said you know just so you know your complacency your sellers complacency
is literally going to cost them thousands of dollars and I’m not talking
one or two or three I’m talking to probably costume my guess would be at
least $10,000 because I think everybody knows and if you’re a homeowner remember
when you were buying the home it’s when homes get shop one people are wondering
what’s wrong with it why hasn’t it sold why aren’t any why isn’t anybody making
an offer on the home and when it homes been on the market 60 or 90 days and a
hot market like dot and the even if the home at 300 or 400 thousand dollars the
seller shoot themselves in the foot because the home shop learn even when
they get down to the fair market value which this one is at fair market value
the subject property I’m talking about but it’s still not getting any offers
and it’s just going to get less and less showings and unfortunately all those all
the buyers out there that were interested enough to look at the home
they’re gone they’ve even move very even they’ve
moved on to something else re or they’ve actually bought in another home so if
your agent complacent then you need to get on your agent
but don’t be complacent yourself because when you’re selling a home you need to
go for an agent that really knows what they’re doing it’s like if you watch my
videos or you say there’s two main things to a real estate agent you’re
going to hire to list your home number one is their marketing almost period but
behind that I would say is their negotiating skill and it’s your job as a
seller to hire the agent if an agent doesn’t do a good job in their laxed or
they take poor pictures or they’re not doing marketing I mean you can’t blame
the agent you hire them so interview the agents watch some of my videos and how
to sell homes if you have any questions you have any input on this video leave
comments below get a hold of me I’ll put my contact information above and it will
be below subscribe to my channel I wish you the best of luck have a great day you

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