How A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

Unexplained mysteries happen all around
us including above us that’s the case of pan-american flight 914 in 1955 this
flight took off it was going from New York to Miami Florida
however the plane vanished in mysterious circumstances then in 1992 37 years
later it showed up again but what happened next is even more puzzling I’m
Charlie and today we’re going to look at how a plane disappeared and landed 37
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the notification bell – the story begins on the 2nd of July 1955 it was a boom
year in America and many people began flying on commercial airliners well on
that sunny summer’s day many people boarded pan-american flight 914 it was
supposed to be going a short distance on the east coast of the USA from New York
to Miami Florida there were four crew members including two flight attendants
a pilot and a co-pilot and there were 57 passengers men women and children the
plane took off and all was fine Bert three hours later they were supposed to
land in sunny Florida but at the airport in Miami there was no sign of this plane
the radars in the air traffic control tower in the Miami Airport did not show
the aircraft they thought maybe it’s just late for some reason but there was
no sign of it on the radar whatsoever at first they thought perhaps the plane
had crashed but there were no distress signals sent out after they phoned the
New York air traffic control tower they finally worked out what had happened
somehow flight 914 had disappeared from the radar altogether the large airplane
which was a model DC 4 had simply vanished the only thing people could
think of was where the flight had gone over the Atlantic Ocean just for about
one hour they thought in that one hour perhaps the plane had fallen into the
ocean and crash so they sent out search parties on sea and in the air but they
found nothing of course everyone in the situation was
freaked out after all there were sixty-one people on this airplane who
may be in danger unfortunately they could not crack the
case of flight 914 and eventually they put out a statement saying the plane had
likely crashed but they weren’t sure where but all of the dismayed relatives
of the 61 people were enraged they said this response was not good enough and
they had to find this plane and 37 years later that’s what happened nearly half a
century later in 1992 it was a normal day in Caracas Venezuela the day was the
9th of September 1992 an air traffic controller at the airport in Caracas
Venezuela named Juan de la corte was doing his job but that’s when something
weird came up on his radar a new plane seemed to appear out of nowhere on his
radar Juan and his colleagues checked other radars in the air-traffic control
room in case it was a mistake but it was not 10 minutes later the
aircraft was in view of Juan and his colleagues they soon realized this was
no normal plane from 1992 instead it was a twin propeller dc4 mcdonald-douglas
these airplanes were not used anymore and hadn’t been used since the 60s the
pilot of the aircraft then said in English where are we
Juan then said you’re about to land at Caracas Airport Venezuela the pilot then
responded in a way that stunned born he said this is Pan Am flight 914 heading
from New York to Miami Florida we have a crew of four and fifty-seven passengers
at this point Juan and his colleagues were so confused
Caracas Venezuela is a totally different country and thousands of miles away from
Miami or New York Kwon said when is your flight scheduled to land we don’t see
you on our schedule and that’s when the pilot said our flight is due to land at
9:55 a.m. on the 2nd of July 1955 when this was said the entire air traffic
control tower fell into an eerie silence Juan de la corte thought perhaps the
pilot had gone insane he said to the pilot are you experiencing a disaster
but there was no reply that’s when Juan realized
number one priority was to try and land this plane to make sure everyone was
safe remember who I knew that there were 57 passengers and four crew members who
may be in danger the plane landed and ground crew was scrambled to try and see
what was going on while then radio to the pilot do you realize that today is
the 9th of September 1992 the pilot then could be heard heavily briefing and
spluttered oh my gosh the ground crew were now getting near the plane but
that’s when the pilot did something that warned never expected the pilot could be
heard shouting not to come anywhere near the plane and that they believed it as
the ground crew approached the plane they saw the passengers looking out of
the window the pilot then started the plane’s engine again and took off
without saying another word the Venezuelan civil aviation leaders
then came together and confiscated all records relating to this weird event
they said they would investigate the event further but nothing ever came of
it since then many theories have come together to try and make sense of what
happened on that day some blame paranormal activity and
others blame time travel after the plane had taken off it was never seen again on
any radar or at any airports so why on earth did this flight that was going
from New York to Miami show up in Caracas Venezuela and why was it missing
for 37 years before it landed in Venezuela only for it to take off again
and then never be seen again this event was first published in a newspaper named
Weekly World News and since then it’s gone around the entire world as a
bizarre story which no one can really explain now the story often spreads free
word-of-mouth and it’s kind of become an urban legend as no one’s really sure
what exactly happened on that day could it have been a massive hallucination
that happened at the Venezuelan airports we may never know as obviously we can’t
contact the crew members or the passengers of flight 914 but now it’s
time to make your voice heard what do you think happened to flight 914 was it
really lost in time for 37 years or is there some kind of other explanation
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