Greg Broadbent Real Estate Agent Mystic CT Bel Aire Estates Home For Sale

Hi! Greg Broadbent here and I’m in
Bel-Aire Estates right now. This is Mystic Connecticut.
I’ve actually got a particular connection to this neighborhood because
when I was a kid I used to deliver newspapers all the way up and down these
streets. I’d ride my bike up and down and then so I I know the neighborhood really
well and happy to show you guys around. Show you kind of the ins and outs things
that a lot of other people might not know about in
this neighborhood. So we’re just two miles away from downtown mystic the
drawbridge. That’s just six minutes away from your
closest marinas, shopping restaurants, all kinds of great activities down there.
Five miles away from the Groton City. That’s fourteen minutes away from some
of our major employers, all right. 11 miles away from the closest casino.
Again 20 minutes away from restaurants, entertainment, lots of big show’s up
there, there’s shopping up there, all kinds of other stuff that’s doesn’t
necessarily relate to gambling. All right, we’re 12 miles away from the Westerly
Rhode Island border. That’s an entryway to some of the biggest beaches around.
Some great shopping around, some other great activities. that’s just twenty
minutes away. So enough said about this location because we already know it’s
all about location and this is a great location but let’s take a closer look.
At the house. Come on! All right so this is it. This is 31
Hilltop Road Mystic Connecticut. Bel Air Estates and we’ve got a great house. I
told you I mean these owners have done a lot of work in the last couple of weeks.
They’ve repainted floors, repainted walls, redone hardwood floors, redid the floors
in the kitchen, redid floors in the bathroom, redid floors in the den. I
mean they’ve done all kinds of work to this house.
It’s 1771 square feet in total so it’s a good-sized property right here. All right
you got a one-car garage off the back. I mean this is something really special. I
think you guys are gonna be excited to see inside. So why don’t you guys come take a
look and we’ll tell you some more. Come on take a look! You’ve got a fireplace over here. Great big
entertaining space. I see a lot of people in this area. Imagine a big screen TV up on top,
everybody sitting around outside or just having a big fire, everybody getting cozy in the winter. You’ve got a formal dining room on that side, again alot of people on that side.Got a kitchen with the updated
floors, you got a big pantry to store all your stuff, you got a half bath down to the side. Again new floors in the den. Come on let’s take a look around. All right great layout on the first floor,
I know you guys are excited to see more. We got four bedrooms upstairs, full bath, refinished, repainted all looking in tip-top shape. So come on up, let’s take a look. Okay that’s it! Showed you the whole
house. Gave you the quick tour and I hope you guys like it as much as I do because
this is a really great place. If you guys want more information on this house or
you want more information about the neighborhood, just trying to get to know
the area. Feel free to give me a cal,l give me a text or shoot me an email, go
on my website. Whatever is easiest for you guys to do. Really happy to help you
guys out. All right, So look forward to hearing from you more.
Greg Broadbent here and I’m signing out. Take care guys!

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