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Ok so look. Growing a successful
business is hard. We get it. Sure you may be spending money to bring
traffic to your website but most visitors just scroll, click and leave and never come back. You see, to grow businesses need to build and maintain relationships with people interested in their product or service. Yeah, and that’s were most companies hit a brick wall and it’s why we’ve built GetResponse! The World’s Easiest Email Marketing Service We make it simple for you to build your own email list, create awesome landing pages and send beautiful emails to your
subscribers on any device; Send them an InfoPack newsletter or a
sizzling hot special offer. Too difficult? Too time-consuming? No way! With GetResponse you don’t have to be an expert. Choose from our over a 500 pre-designed templates or build your own using the email
creator. Add text, add images, resize and send! It’s that easy! And with autoresponders you can nurture
relationships with your subscribers and keep them up-to-date automatically; or set up a series of emails spanning across a week or a month. It’s as easy as dragging
events to your calendar. Need a quick landing page for a new
promotion? Or a sign form to capture new subscribers? Hey! We’ve got you covered! In fact, you can have your first page or form live in under five minutes. Great marketing is all about testing. With GetResponse you can AB test subject lines, offers and promotions, even the best time of day to send your email! And we will show you the winners. More opens and clics make more sales. So for faster growth test, test, split
test. OH! And let’s not forget tracking the results. GetResponse has the smartest, most advanced email analytics on earth! Our powerful intuitive reporting lets you compare email performance side by side, track email ROI, and much, much more! GetResponse even works with tools you already use. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with the FREE 30-day trial! GetResponse, the world’s easiest email marketing.

20 thoughts on “GetResponse All-in-one Online Marketing ⚡ Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Email Marketing

  1. Nice video!
    I invite you to check out a nice upbeat ukelele song with nice percussion instruments,guitars,bells and bas.You might want some high quality catchy music for your next video. 🙂

  2. Le concept me parraît magnifique, mais je mets du temps à  comprendre le fonctionnement j'espère que je trouverai mon compte ici pour faire connaître mon art, enfin j'essaie GetResponse, et on verra bien

  3. Как мне начать зарабатывать , прошу вас предоставить мне всю прилагаемую информацию на русском языке , извините не понимаю английский язык. Жалко конечно, но факт.

  4. Лучший сервис рассылок с возможностью интеграции с LPgenerator. Можно импортировать лиды. Как я это делаю – создаю страницу на LPgenerator для сбора подписной базы, и все кто подписались на мою рассылку сразу попадают в мою цепочку писем. Очень удобно для всех, кто использует email-маркетинг.

    Есть подробная инструкция и техническая поддержка LPgenerator, которая поможет, если что-то не получается.

  5. Hello 🙂 I really like your video and was wondering if its possible if I use it on my website? If yes, what are your conditions? Greez

  6. Getresponse's bad business practice.
    Be-careful, when canceling your account. The day you cancel is the day they close the account regardless you have already paid for the month. If you ask for a refund they pull their policy of no refunds. They will withdraw the money for the month from your credit card even if you send them an email cancelling your account at the end of billing cycle. Since they have your credit card, there will be no way for you to remove it. You have to cancel the last day of the cycle or they will keep your money and they will not give you the service that you paid.
    Shame on them….

  7. If you found this video helpful, we have a lot of great content to help you improve your ONLINE MARKETING. Be sure to subscribe and follow

  8. I like your e-mail-marketing software, but: as I have stated in my review for the german audience under, I would love to see more options to customize the confirmation email. We need more control over this very important email – in the best case, we could customize this email like a regular email.

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