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As someone that lives a frugal
minimalist life people are asking me all the time what my living situation is
like well today I’m gonna give you an inside tour walk around my house so
exactly how I’m living here in New York I’m about to list my house so you’ll get
an idea of how much three hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars will get
you here on the south shore in New York I hope you enjoy what’s up guys welcome
back my name is Brad make videos with tips and motivation on how to get out of
debt as well as my journey through the baby steps my path of financial freedom
and all the things that come along with being frugal and a little bit minimalist
I was always a little bit skeptical to show people around my house exactly what
the layout was and things like that also too a little embarrassed because I don’t
live in what society would call the nicest house in the world but I’m about
to move out so I figured this was a great opportunity if you’re interested
in really seeing all the details because you love real estate or things like that
I’ll list the MLS listing down below in the description you could take a look at
it and see what all the specs are I’m listening my house for three hundred
eighty nine thousand and that’s a pretty competitive price I should get that here
on Long Island so the house is a nice small little ranch located South Shore
Long Island it’s being listed at nine hundred and twenty square feet I’ll show
you the driveway to while we’re out here quick it’s got a longer driveway that leads up
to a detached garage you’ll see that more we go to the backyard as we come in
the house this will be the first thing that you see this is essentially the
entire house I’m standing with the front door at my dock the kitchen we redid two
years ago this half wall right here used to be a full wall so we took that down
to open up the concept a little bit this next room over here is that kind of our
mudroom it’s got our washer dryer where we feed the dogs but it’s also a 1/2
bath not too bad and then this is what you’d see from my
back door so I’m leaning right against the back of the house right now there’s
where I eat this is where I film all my videos so you’re used to seeing this in
the backdrop all right then here’s my living room nice small space full
wood-burning fireplace TV some wedding pictures on the wall and then this
hallway right here we’ll leave that door in front of you leads down to the
basement this is going to be the master bedroom you see this is one of those
things where when we moved in we’re like man we got to paint these walls
immediately and then five years later they’re still the same weird turquoise
blue this is also where my dogs hang out during the day I got my closet right
there what you saw in my video about me donating my clothes I don’t know if I
should open Tara’s up she doesn’t know let me see Tara’s is a little bit more
like walk-in esque so this is from the other side of the room so this is what
you see there’s the pumps you’re like hey what are you doing in my room right
now so this door right here serves as the Jack and Jill to the bathroom so
I’ll show you from this view when you come in here we can come in through the
bedroom and lead ourselves right into the bathroom just a plain old little
bathroom that’s the job of the bathroom and then if I’m not Corie comedy so I
can lock that door but then also to if I have company they can come in this way that’s it
skylight so we get most of the light in the bathroom but that’s pretty much the
bathroom then the second bedroom here we have cuz your two bedrooms just my
daughter’s room once again pretty simple ceiling fan has a do-it-yourself I put
that in myself nothing really on the walls because we are pretty plain people
that’s their closet a little crib but that’s pretty much it
the entire house two bedrooms two baths that’s pretty much it now I’ll show you
the backyard don’t go out so here’s the backyard for the puffs of plain nice to
be back yard there they go they love it back here and then here’s the detached
garage that I have and that’s pretty much it
so I know at that price 389 people are gonna be like wow you know Long Island
really is expensive but you know we get a lot here
super happy I actually I freaking love this house it’s gonna be really really
sad when we have to go but uh with Avery and the two dogs and the opportunity to
buy the house I grew up in now that my father’s passed away you know I I just
couldn’t couldn’t pass up the opportunity so it’s gonna be it’s gonna
be a wonderful thing and yeah that’s the tour of my little house thanks so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed the tour I really really do love the house but
I’m also looking forward to my future getting into a little bit bigger house
the house I grew up in and you know having a little bit more space to have
the dogs other animals and my daughter as well until the next video guys I hope
everyone has a wonderful wonderful week I’ll see you next time and have a great

40 thoughts on “Frugal and Minimalist House Tour | See How I Live

  1. Like a more realistic view of what most of us can accomplish….not the usual one feather on the nightstand look we can never achieve;)

  2. Great house, love the open floorplan! The price is a shock- you could buy 2 good houses for that much here in KS.😊 I'd love to find a nice house like that one day!

  3. Totally cute house and it would be great for a single person, a couple with no kids, a couple with a child or someone who does not want stairs! Hope it sells quickly!!!

  4. U have a nice comfy looking home , seems like enough space, but quite expensive for the size😊😊👍🏽👍🏽

  5. That's a really big back yard. It seems that newer homes don't have that large of a backyard. Maybe part of the higher price is for that.

  6. Me oh my!!! 2 bedroom house, though cute and well maintained, for $389k is ridiculous. I have a 2700 square ft 2 story, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, foyer, living room, dining room, large den/family room with fire place, eat in kitchen, 2 car garage, sun room and inground pool for $265k suburbs of New Orleans, LA. $389k here would put you in gated community off the golf course.

  7. Would be considered a starter home in Kentucky. A very Beautiful home. Well maintained and Beautiful yard.
    Starter Homes about this same square footage approximately using range from 98,000 to 120,000. Location Location Location is absolutely what values a home. And definitely what state location #1 priority for price range. Of course the factors the cost of living different in each state. The average pay grade much different state to state.

  8. I'm curious, will your mother be living with your family?

    Your moving back to the house and neighborhood that you grew up…is the neighborhood pretty much the same as when you were a kid?

    There's no way I would move back to my parents neighborhood cause their neighbors are transient, there's a lot half-way housing, and too many scary gang neighbors.

    Trust me, that neighborhood wasn't rough and scary growing up there…it was very safe and we didn't lock our doors.

  9. Nice house but it blows my mind in the differences in house prices from state to state…. Here in Indiana where I am that would be about a 45 thousand dollar house at the most.

  10. I sold my 50 yr old, 3/2 condo in San Diego last year for $375K last year, moved to AZ and paid cash for a brand new home 1400 sq ft.

  11. Love ur house but it would be listed at about 50 or 60 thousand where I live in rural Missouri

  12. I'm in NJ so the price isn't shocking. You have a beautiful home! So sorry for your loss. You mentioned your Dad passed away.

  13. I got a 3000 square foot house, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 car garage large private gate backyard, large front yard, very large porch in very nice neighborhood and paid $200,000. Kansas city, no.

  14. Sold over asking price in one day, WOW. That yard was unexpected. 😍👍🏻

    $389,000 is expensive for a tiny house according to Texas listings. It’s adorable and since the price is different over there means more money in your pocket.

    Over here this kind off house is left rundown, on the market for ever.. and at a very low asking if $30,$115 grand. Usually needs more money in with foundation issues/upgrades to make it energy efficient. Sometimes the neighborhood is run down as well.

    I’m glad you’ve shared with us your family home, and always be content and don’t mind anyone of what they think about what you have. My condolences to you about your father.


  15. I'm a native New Yorker, I know how expensive property taxes can be. It's a lovely small home, great as a starter house for newlyweds or an older couple who already raised their children and are now empty-nesters. My condolences on the passing of your dad, congratulations on purchasing your childhood home. I'm sure it's filled with many great childhood memories, enjoy making new moments and memories to come.

  16. Great video but the minimalist part needs taking out the title 😉 The clutter all over gave me a headache!! haha

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