Florida Housing Market Update: September 2019

The September 2019 Florida
residential market statistics
from Florida Realtors have
just been released, so let’s take a quick look at
how the single-family home
and condo/townhome markets are
doing. Single family home sales were
up significantly throughout
much of the state in September,
rising by 11-and-a-half percent overall on a year-over-year
basis. Sales of condos and
townhomes were up as well,
with an increase of 6.1 percent compared to
September of 2019. Sale prices continued to rise
in September, as well. The
median sale price among Florida
single family home sales was $265,000, up 5.3 percent
compared to last year. The rise
in the median sale price of
condos and townhomes was slightly more, at 5.8
percent, ending up
at $193,000. With inventory levels continuing
to dwindle, low mortgage rates
remain the major reason we are
continuing to see strong sales and price growth
throughout much of the state.
And with both sales and prices
continuing to rise, it should come as no surprise
that the dollar volume of sales
throughout the state also
increased significantly this September compared to
September of last year.
Statewide, closed sales of
single-family homes totaled to about $8 billion, a year-over
-year increase of 17 percent.
Dollar volume for sales of
townhouses and condos, meanwhile, rose by 7-and-a
-half percent to about $2.4
billion. As always, we encourage you
to analyze the numbers for
your area to help your buyers
and sellers understand what’s going on
locally. And to find statistics
for your local market, all you have to do is visit

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