Favorite Moments Being a Realtor

My favorite moment as an agent was last year.
I had just gotten married and I had wrapped up negotiations on a big deal, it was a 2000
ft.² unit in the new Jean Nouvel Building in Chelsea on the West Side Hwy. for a friend.
And we were leaving on our honeymoon, my wife and I. And the contract had not been signed
yet. So of course, I had that anxiety because let’s face it, the deal is never done until
they are signed and even then, it’s not a done deal until we get to the closing table. So we are in Mexico, we are on the beach and
of course I had my Blackberry with me because it might as well be surgically attached at
this point. And I check my Blackberry and I get the e-mail from my buyer’s attorney
letting me know that the sponsor had countersigned the deal. And I get a text message from the
seller’s broker who was great in the deal and she said congratulations, go enjoy your
honeymoon. And I remember, I put my Blackberry down and I got up and I swam out in the water
about 30 or 40 yards and I was just so satisfied, so happy. And it wasn’t the money. It wasn’t
the commission. It was just the satisfaction of knowing that I had done such a good job
on this deal. And the buyer, he and I are dear friends now.
We speak every single day. He is a Mets fan just like me and we share our heartbreaks.
But I think it’s that longevity of the relationship, that is something that is so important to
me. And I think that’s probably the most satisfying thing for me as an agent.

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