Episode 20: And Now You Know With Realtor Ro: REFERRALS, Part 1

(upbeat music) – Hey, there. Thanks for clicking on
this week’s segment of And Now You Know with Realtor Ro. So, this week I would
like to discuss referrals and the importance of
them in this business. First of all, I’ve said
my business is based almost solely on referrals. Whether that comes from previous
clients or repeat business, and also from other agents and brokers who’ve done business with me and feel that they can trust me with their client’s best needs when they aren’t able
to take care of them. So, just the other day, I received a message about a referral and when I followed up
the very next morning just hours later, I was told that the wife
had already gone online and chosen an agent and
gotten the process started. So, I shared my contact
info and I told them that if it didn’t work
out, if they didn’t mesh, that they could certainly contact me, I’d love to work with them. So, about eight hours later, the wife called me and let me know that this agent that she had
spoken to the night before had agreed to send a search of listings to her and she had agreed to speak
with her at a certain time and that neither of those
things had taken place. So, she said to me, “And then I thought, you know, we have somebody who is giving
you a high recommendation, so why am I not taking that?” And so as it is, we spoke
for a good long while, and our personalities clicked. So, I’m looking forward
to working with them. I just feel like that is the
way that you should look at it when somebody gives you a recommendation. When they say, listen, I’ve worked with this person, I always look at it as you’re
friends with this person, and you wanna give a little more weight to that recommendation than to something that you see online. The other thing is that, once you’re entrusting such a huge moment in your life to me, that if I am recommending lenders and home inspectors, that I hope that you would at least explore those possibilities
because for me, I’m not getting a benefit of
any sort in recommending them except the knowledge that we share ideals and that we are keeping my clients best interests in mind at all times, and I am always reevaluating. I have a different list
of inspectors today than I did when I
started in this business. My list of lenders looks
entirely different. That is just because I
am always reevaluating. I don’t look at it as
I had this relationship for a long time and so I’m
just going to stick with it. Instead, I’m asking, is this
really in the best interest of my client if I’m dealing with someone who’s not making the latest technologies available to my clients? Things like that. So, I just feel that when
I am presenting that list that it’s important that you know that I’m handing you referrals. I’m telling you these people are people that I am happy to attach my name to. I am basically putting my
reputation on the line in saying I feel confident in their abilities. And then, after the transaction closes, or maybe after the inspections, when I am recommending
trades to you, same thing. I am always looking for good trades and I am always happy to
network with other agents and find out who they’ve
had good experiences with so that I can stay up to date with that. Also, since I work in
both Medina and Akron, I do try to keep a list of people who are available in both of those areas. I am always happy to make
those recommendations to you, both before during and
after our transaction. People call upon me to ask about things, to ask if I have somebody who can come and paint after they’ve moved in, after they’ve lived in a few years they want to put on a roof, and so I always want to be looked upon as a trusted resource. And so, that’s just my
goal, is to make sure that once I’ve helped turn your
dream into an address, that I stay available to make sure that you’re enjoying all of
your time in your home. So, that’s about it for this week, and once again if you have any questions that you would like me to address, just shoot me a message or make a comment, and I’ll be happy to do that. Follow me on Instagram, on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and then you’ll be notified the next time that I post a segment of And
Now You Know with Realtor Ro. Enjoy the rest of your day, bye bye.

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