Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

– In today’s session, we’re going to talk about email marketing. I am not going to click around
and show you Zoho campaigns. This is not that type of session. This session is to give you
direction on how to architect your Zoho campaigns or
your email marketing. If you’re using MailChimp
or Constant Contact, it doesn’t really matter. But I just want to give you an idea on how to architect your solution. First of all, you need to know who you sending the emails to. As an example, I’m a real estate investor and I’m in contact with
many real estate agents. Most of them know what I need. They know that I’m an investor
and they also know the areas that I’m investing in real estate. Those real estate agents will send me emails about properties that are not in my geographic locations, which means properties that
I don’t want or don’t need, and they will send me properties that are not investibles. For example, properties
that are great for living, but not for investment, because the return on
investment is not there. It doesn’t make sense for an
investor to buy those houses. But they will send it to me anyway. And the reason behind it,
it’s because they create one email template and
they send it to everyone. Now, if we think about the result, me as an investor, I’m
getting garbage emails and what I’m doing is all
clicking on unsubscribe, or even worse, I will
click on report spam. Which means, in any case, it’s a lose-lose for this business. They’re losing me, because I will not open
their emails any more. Now, what if this real estate agent would spend time and try to create this email in the right way? He will create this email marketing, he will target specific sector. As an example, you can have old people, old people that want to move from a big house to a small house. The email needs to be
with emotional picture, with old people moving from a big house to a small house and they’re happy. The font supposed to be bigger, because older people cannot
see like young people. They need to have big fonts. There need to be more spacing. The colors need to appeal
for older audience. The real estate agent
need to spend some time to craft a convertible email that’s working specifically
for this older audience. If the real estate agent will
send emails for an investors, the investors care about
return of investment, they care about highways in the area. They have things that they care about, because those properties
will tend to be rented or flipped in a better way. The real estate agent
need to know his audience and what they like. I will never send emails to people without knowing what they need. My list is a ten thousand people list, but not all of them care about Zoho. Some of them are more
about business consulting. Some of them are about lifestyle. I will never send Zoho email
to ten thousand people, it doesn’t make sense. So, whenever you create
your email marketing, first of all, you need to
know who is your audience. You need to send a very small email list to few people just to see their reaction. Send it to people that you know. Let’s say if it’s older people, send it to few old people and ask them, have a phone call with them, and ask them, what do you
think about the email? What would you change in order for the email to appeal you more? Whenever you make all those changes, you will be able to have
a good converting email that will make a change in
your business bottom line. The name of the game is conversion. The name of the game is quality, strategy. The name of the game
is not sending emails. You are not in the
sending emails business. You’re in the conversion business. You’re in the business of
spending little and gain a lot. That’s how your business
will be profitable and you can monetize your efforts. So that’s really the session
that I want to send today. Because it’s really, really painful to open my mailbox and see all
the garbage that’s coming in. All those beautiful emails that makes zero sense for me. Thank you very much for watching, if you like the video,
drop me a small like. If you didn’t like it,
write in the comments and I will do my best
to make a change here and give you more value in the future. Thank you very much. I will see you in the next session.

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