Email Marketing for Estate Agents – (Marketing for Estate Agents)

Hi, I’m Sam Ashdown and in this video I’m
going to talk to you about how you can use email marketing to grow your estate or letting
agency. Hi, are you using email marketing in your
business? Are you marketing to your existing database or to prospects? What are you actually
sending out to them and is that email marketing working? I was talking to an agency just recently,
that has got 30,000 people on their database obviously going back lots and lots of years,
maybe 15 years now. And when they send out an email marketing blast, they’re looking
to get maybe even 10% or less open rate. So 90% of people are not interested in anything
that agency sends out and therefore what result can they possibly get from that small segment
of their database that are actually opening their email? So how can you make email marketing work for
you to grow your estate or letting agency business by using clever techniques that are
not very expensive? Email marketing is largely cost-free these days and how can you use that
to effectively leverage your time and effort and money in your business. So one way you can use email marketing is
by writing to your database and asking them if they would be interested in something you
have to offer. For example an article or an e-book or a free guide. If you, say, offer
them a guide called “5 Ways to Attract The Perfect Tenant” and you’re offering that
to your entire database, well, only the landlords are going to respond, aren’t they? So that
helps you because they are self-identifying and self-segmenting. Once you’ve done that,
then you can put them into a lead nurture sequence which I’ll tell you about in a
minute and then over time that person then enjoys and gets used to communication from
you anytime, and hopefully converts to a client. Same thing if you had an article called “How
to Sell Your Home When You Have Pets?” You write to your database and only those people
who want to sell their home and only who have pets will respond. So how do you then automate
a lead nurture sequence or follow up series, following that person, adding to your new
list? Well let’s say you’ve got a list of landlords
that have said, “Yes, I’m interested in the 5 Ways to Attract The Perfect Tenant”.
You can then set up a drip feed of emails going to those landlords that just talk to
them about tips and advice and helpful nuggets about being a landlord, and about things they
actually care about because perhaps they don’t care about the latest base rate change or
some new legislation. What they really care about is what to do if a tenant gets a dog
or what to do if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent and how can you help with that with your
tips and advice and their guidance. Maybe you set up a drip campaign to send out
and email a week over time that just gives them lots of advice and guidance and helpful
tips on what they actually are interested in being a landlord. Then over time they get
to know you, they enjoy communicating with you and they look forward hopefully to your
lovely or helpful emails and then you put a call to action in and say, “Would you
like to have a chat about your current investing and requirements”. Maybe even invite them
into the office to a lunch and learn or networking event. So you’re really progressing that
relationship over time but you’re doing it in an automated way that doesn’t take
up your time, your energy and your resources. So try it for yourself. Set up an automated
series of emails to people you most want to respond to you and, see over time how those
people convert to clients. Thank you very much for watching. Don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and I look forward to seeing you on the next video. Bye
for now.

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