Don’t Be a Turkey! Hire a Professional Realtor // Thanksgiving Video

– Top of the morning to
ya, don’t be a turkey. Don’t be a turkey, hire a professional. Hi, Jake Russell with
Sutton Group in Vernon, BC. Before you hire a real
estate professional, there are some key
questions you want to ask. First very important question,
‘Are you a full time agent?’ As a listing agent, you
want to be be asking, ‘How are you going to generate
buyers for my property?’ Number two, ‘What
technologies, what innovations are you bringing to your marketing?’ Very important with the social media and the way we’re living now and how buyers are searching for property. Finally, you want to be be asking, What do you wanna be asking?
(digital man laughing) Finally, ‘What real estate
related education do you have?’ ‘What makes you qualified to do this job?’ Don’t be a turkey. Hire a professional. A full time agent that’s
using the latest technologies and marketing strategies. Jake Russell with Sutton
Group in Vernon, BC. (happy acoustic music)

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