Died in House | Do Realtors Have to Disclose Death in a House

Died in house, do realtors have to
disclose death in a house? That’s today’s topic let’s get started. ~UPBEAT MUSIC~ Hi, I’m Kim Ward.
I’m a realtor in San Diego California. I’m the broker of Horizon Real Estate
and expert with helping executors, administrators, and trustees with homes
here in San Diego County. Today we’re wondering “do you have to disclose that
someone died in the house?” The answer is YES, but there’s a timeline to that and
there’s some other things that I’ll share with you. In California there’s a
disclosure it’s called the exempt seller disclosure. When meeting with clients we
go over this and one of the questions is “within the last three years the death of
an occupant of the property upon the property?” what does that mean to you? That if someone has passed away, in the home, within the last three years,
you definitely want to disclose it… but you don’t have to get into all the
details of that disclosure. What I ask my clients to do is to tell me a bit about
the circumstances and then we craft a well written explanation that gives
enough detail, but doesn’t over detail things. We don’t have to get too explicit
about everything that occurred if the buyer would like more information once
they go over this disclosure then they’ll ask and then we can get into
more detail. To be perfectly honest in the past 15 years that I have been
helping executives administrators and trustees to fill out this document I’ve
never had anyone ask for more information regarding the death on the
property. Many homeowners are fine with knowing that someone has passed away in the home. To be perfectly honest years and years ago that was normal and then
we slid into where we take our loved one to the hospital for instance, but now I
am noticing a resurgence back to people wanting to
be in their home when it’s at the end of their life. You definitely don’t want to
keep someone’s passing away in the home a secret, and you know why? because once the property sells we close escrow the neighbors will come over to meet the new
buyer and that information will come out. So, it’s very important to go ahead and
disclose the information upfront in writing. Have the buyer sign off on it
and then you’re protected. When my team puts the information into the San Diego
Multiple Listing Service (SDMLS) we do not put anything about a death on the property.
We do put that it’s in a probate or a trust so that should signal to
professional real estate people that there may have been a death on the
property. If I’m asked by another real estate professional if someone has
passed away in the property I do give that information upfront. I would
just say “yes, he passed away of a heart attack in the kitchen” if not asked
I don’t disclose that I don’t put it in the Multiple Listing Service.
I think it’s private information and I am here to protect and represent my
client the seller the executor administrator a trustee. There are some
people that do not want to purchase a home that someone’s passed away in, it’s a fact, but I have experienced it as a very small amount of the population.
That’s something like that bothers them. So, the bottom line is YES disclose,
disclose, disclose, disclose that’s what we want to do and that’s what I will
guide you to do if you should choose to talk with me. So, if you’re new here to my
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14 thoughts on “Died in House | Do Realtors Have to Disclose Death in a House

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  2. doesn't have to happen in CO; though many agents would disclose as over-disclosure is better than none (neighbors always talk!)

  3. A difficult situation and time when someone died in the house, and you explained it so well!

  4. Great topic! It is always important to disclose a death in a house. I hate it when Realtors don’t disclose it on the MLS. It has wasted mine and my buyers time because some of my buyers weren’t ok with it.

  5. Not an easy subject to talk about, but you say oh so well, thanks for being so upfront!

  6. Great information Kim on whether you have to disclose death in a house – how often does this happen with executors who’ve hired you in San Diego

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