10 thoughts on “Connecticut town banning ‘for sale’ signs

  1. "Sends the wrong message" LOL…So everybody is selling their houses because it's an awesome place to live?

  2. Douglas Elliman is a sell side agency. They will ALWAYS try to spin things to claim the real estate market is 'hot'. So obvious from her speech pattern and body language that she knows she is full of crap.

  3. There's method to the madness: they don't want folks to find out that lots of other folks are getting out of Dodge to avoid the overburdening state taxes. "For Sale" signs are red flags and maybe put ideas into heads that hadn't considered it.

  4. Bullshit. The high end market is bad! There is a ton of houses on the market in towns like Greenwich, CT. Towns want to ban for sale signs because too many are trying to sale and its alarming.

  5. CT is a joke. You combine the change in the tax laws limiting itemized deductions with increasing taxes and higher interest rates and you have to be a dope if you think now is a good time to buy in CT. With the advances in technology you can work from anywhere. Even high end markets like Greenwich are seeing price declines and it will only get worse.

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