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Hi, I’m Don the owner of Don Anthony Realty if you’re looking to get your property sold, and you haven’t listed your property yet take a look at our website, and you’ll see how we can help you save money, saving thousands of dollars compared with a traditional Realtor, and we maximize your exposure to get your property sold.
One of the things you have to think about when you are getting your home sold is an end strategy for what you are going to do to get it sold. How are you going to market your house? How are you going to make it so that you have enough “wiggle room” in the contract negotiations to get your property sold.
You and I both know that it makes sense to have a little bit of “wiggle room” compared with what the Buyer is going to offer If you have to factor in a 6 or 7 percent, or even a 5 percent commission to get your property sold, how are you going to get that done? How are you going to make it so when the Buyer places the offer for the house and the time you have your listing price set, and you factor in commissions, how are you going to make the deal work?
Well what we do is we give your property two ways to get your property sold.
Number 1, we give you MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to get your property sold. We put your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is where all the buyers who are looking for property, working with a real estate agent, are looking for homes. We know that real estate agents these days have a lot of properties to choose from. So they don’t spend the time to go out and look at For Sale By Owner homes or look at all these various websites…. very simply they go on the Multiple Listing Service type in their little search criteria for their buyers, and find a bunch of properties that meet their criteria. Fact is that they know that by going on the Multiple Listing Service, and finding a property for their buyer, they know, number one that it’s available, and number two they know that they are going to get paid. I mean, the fact is this is a business, people aren’t just doing this for fun. This is a business where they have to make money, and if they don’t know they are going to get paid, they may not even bother with the property. And so, in this case, they know that they are getting paid by going on the Multiple Listing Service. Your property HAS TO BE THERE, it’s ESSENTIAL that your property is there. You can’t , these days, just stick a sign in the yard, put it on a couple of websites, and hope that your property is going to sell. It’s like winning the lottery….. I don’t know, if you play the lottery, then maybe that’ll work for you, but the fact is that, in most cases, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. We’re not in a seller’s market where you can do that anymore, we’re in a buyer’s market We’re not in a seller’s market where you can do that anymore, we’re in a buyer’s market where you just have to get your property marketed in a very effective way. Quite honestly even we were in a seller’s market, you still need to get maximum exposure and be able to get all the buyers looking at your property. So number one, we put you on the Multiple Listing Service; and number two, we market your property to all the buyers out there who are looking for property without agents. And even if they have an agent, they are up at night, looking for property out there on their own so, we have to put your property other places on the Internet on the popular websites where buyers can find you. So we put your property everywhere, we market your property, and I’ll talk about that in a second, but the second part of our strategy is that when the deal comes in, when the offer comes in, you have to have that cushion. Think about it, think about your property’s value, and multiply that times about 6% commission. Think about how much money that is So on a $200,000 property, that’s $12,000. So if someone comes in with a full price offer, now you’re already at $188,000. It is tough to make the deal work if you don’t have any wiggle room to what your bottom line is. These days when people are borrowing a lot of money on their equity line, refinancing, etc it’s tough to have that money, and even if you did have that money, why would you want that money taken by a real estate agent. Why wouldn’t you want that money going back to you for what you want it for. You want it for your retirement, you want it for college education for your kids, you want it for a nice vacation, you might even want to furnish your house a little bit better. Whatever it happens to be, that’s real money that’s yours. We want to give you the flexibility to save that money if at all possible. We don’t want you to have to spend that money when it’s really not necessary. This day and age we have the tools necessary to get your home sold without having to pay out all that commission. For a one-time fee of $499, we get your property marketed, not only on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but hundreds of other websites. We put you on the most popular website in the country,, We give all of our clients a “Showcase” listing on Now this is a very important distinction, so please take note of it. makes real estate agents pay a lot of money to to give their clients the exposure necessary to give them multiple photos. Most agents will put you out there with a couple of basic photos. We pay extra to and quite honestly, it’s a lot of money, that’s why a lot of agents don’t do it, we pay a lot of money to to give all of our clients up to 25 photos on that website with a “Showcase” listing. It has a banner across it to really draw the attention of the buyer, whether it’s “This beautiful four bedroom, three bath house” or “Five Acres of Land” whatever it happens to be that really is your thing, you know “Beautiful remodeled kitchen” We can draw the attention of the buyer to look at your property. If you go to, and I would encourage you to do so, take a look at what most agents are doing Most agents just have the standard, how many bedrooms, how many baths, blah, blah, blah… there’s not much about it. Our advertising on, draw the attention of the buyer so that they’ll look at your property and not just skip over it like they do a lot of other properties out there. We want buyers to look at your property. So we do that on, but we don’t stop there. We want to make sure that your property is seen by buyers no matter where they are looking. Quite honestly, some people maybe haven’t heard of Maybe they’ve heard of Zillow, maybe they’ve heard of Trulia, maybe they’ve heard of Yahoo or MSN, or Google, we put you on all those websites, as well as hundreds of other websites including Homescape, Cyberhomes, you name it there’s a lot of websites out there we put you on, and you can go to our website to find out more about that process. We also put you on For Sale By Owner websites so if you go to, for example,, is one of the oldest and most popular for sale by owner websites in the country. We put you there with, not just a basic, free listing. We actually put you out there with a 20 photo virtual tour to bring the buyers to look at your property, so you’ve got lots of options there. We also put you on Craigslist, for example. Some people can only put four photos on Craigslist, we put up to ten. So, we don’t care where your buyer finds your property, we just want your buyer to find your property, and that’s the important thing…. To get your property sold. Now, we don’t just stop with putting you out there on the websites and say “Good Luck to you.” We help you. We are a Full Service Real Estate Agent. A Full Service Real Estate Brokerage, so we help you through the whole process. From the time we put you out there on the market, to the time of closing. You’re not out there on your own. We have a full customer support website that helps you through everything that you need help through. Plus we are available by phone, fax, and email at all times to really be able to get you the support you need with all the contract negotiations with all the paperwork that’s involved, and make sure that everything goes very smoothly from the time we get you listed all the way through the closing table. So again, please tak a look at our website. Also take a look at our success stories. We have a lot of testimonials out there from satisfied clients who were very thrilled with the process and how much money they didn’t have to spend on another Realtor… I mean that’s a lot of money so we really want to make sure we’re able to give you the exposure that you need, while saving you the commission necessary to get your property sold. So please take a look at our website, and also if you’re looking at buying your next property, use us to help you buy your next home. We can set you up with a customized search of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) absolutely free. Gets you a really neat process, and able to get you out there and see all the different properties that are available in your search criteria. If you use us to help you buy your next home also, we can refund back to you that $499 fee, so it really works out well for you to save money on that side as well. Please, lastly, take a moment to talk to your friends and family about us… coworkers, colleagues, whoever you know in the neighborhood about our program, if they are looking to buy or sell, do them a favor and tell them about us. And do us a favor as well, we really appreciate the referral and we know your friends and family will appreciate the service as well as the savings. If you have any questions, please give us a call, 704-644-1467 and our website is that’s, and I look forward to hearing from you! Take care!

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