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Is it a buyer’s or a seller’s market? Hmm. That’s a good question to ask, especially
if you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate. Hi, my name is Elena Kovrigin. I’m a realtor with Coldwell Banker King, here
in Asheville, North Carolina. I’m so glad that you’re watching this video. I hope you find this information useful. If it’s your first time on my channel, go
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every time I post a new video. You probably hear a lot of talk that it’s
a very strong seller’s market, and you need to sell right now; or it’s a buyer’s market,
and it’s a great time to buy. But what is sellers versus buyers market? Sellers market is when sellers have advantage. There’s a low inventory that drives up the
demand, and that drives up the prices. So sellers have advantage because their properties
don’t stay on the market for very long time and they can get a top dollar for their houses. Buyer’s market is an opposite, is when buyer’s
have an advantage. A lot of inventory, it takes longer to sell
houses so they stay on the market for longer time. Buyers have less competition among buyers,
and they have a luxury of time. And they don’t have to submit an offer the
day the listing comes on the market. And then there’s also such thing as a balanced
market. In balanced market, nobody has an edge, it’s
an equally good time to buy and sell real estate. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, I have
free, downloadable buyer and seller guide in the description. Hmm. So what kind of market are we in right now
in Asheville? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s
not all that black and white. And to determine the market, we have to look
at different price ranges. In Asheville, North Carolina, right now in
2019 anything that’s below $500,000 price range is considered to be a seller’s market. And the lower you go in price range, the stronger
the seller’s market is. Anything that’s above $500,000 price range
is considered to be buyer’s market. So buyer’s have an advantage in a $500,000
plus range. So what do you do if you’re a buyer in a seller’s
market? One of the first and most important things
that you need to do is to get pre-approved. Before you go online and start searching for
houses and falling in love with some of them, you need to get all your paperwork ready so
that when the right house comes on the market, you’re ready to go and ready to make an offer. Having the pre-approval letter in hand, and
submitting a very strong offer, which your realtor should be able to help you with, will
help you beat your competition, especially in the multiple offer situation. If you’re a seller in a buyer’s market, you
need to have your house show ready, priced correctly, which again, your realtor should
be able to help you with. And be prepared to have your house on the
market for longer days. I hope you found this video helpful. And remember: markets change all the time. To stay up to date on what’s going on in your
particular market, in your particular price range, contact the professional, talk to your
realtor, and be in the know before you go shop for the house or put your house up for
sale. If you liked this video, put thumbs up, share
it with your friends, and put a comment below. I will see you next time.

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  2. Thanks for explaining this and for explaining what to do if you're a buyer in a seller's market. Great tips! Cheers!

  3. I would love to see us go into a seller's market here in Orange County, CA. My husband and I have our home on the market right now.

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