Business Lawyer Real Estate Client Orange County – Jordan Bennett

Hi, my name is Andy Gale. I’m a business lawyer
Orange County California. Today I’m going to interview one of my clients as part of
my ongoing client profile series; we’re going to interview Jordan Bennett who is a residential
real estate broker in the southern part of Orange County. He is a very, very successful
real estate broker. I think this year he has done about $25 million in sales and hopefully
he’ll give you a little bit of an idea of the kinds of clients that I have and some
of the businesses that he actually does. I hope you enjoy the interview.
Andy: Tell us a little bit about what you do.
Jordan: I am a real estate broker focusing in the area of residential. I help people
buy and sell real estate, work with buyers, sellers, and investors.
Andy: Where do you do that? We’re in Orange County, California. Is it all over the county
or just some place specific? Jordan: I’ve got a fantastic referral network
through Keller Williams, so I’ve interacted with clients really across the country. Personally,
I live and work primarily in South Orange County California.
Andy: Alright. So tell us how you got started. You seem to be a young guy. I know you’ve
got a lot of traction in the market which we will get to in just a second, but where
did all start for you? Jordan: You know, I started my career in accounting
and realized pretty quickly that I wanted to be in the field. I think like most entrepreneurs
I wanted the opportunity to work for myself, just have my own schedule, to have more opportunity,
and ultimately to work with people. I wasn’t finding that in accounting and I stumbled
across real estate, and here’s about four years later now.
Andy: So you’re sitting there as a CPA one day decided I need to have a little bit more
interaction with people and you just picked real estate because that was a love of yours,
another love of yours? Jordan: You know, they say some little things
kind of happen to you in life and you end up with a completely different path ahead
of you, and I actually did. I was working in accounts payable for a fellow in Malibu
back in my college days and he was doing commercial real estate. He was buying and selling apartment
buildings, fixing them up, and I became really intrigued with real estate. I ended up getting
my real estate license. So even though I went on under practice accounting, I did have a
real estate license. So when it came to realizing that accounting was not for me, I kind of
already had this somewhat of a background in real estate. I figured it was a great jumping
off point and I pursued it. Andy: How did you get started? What was the
first step? Jordan: It’s not about what you know it’s
who you know, and I ended up meeting a gentleman in real estate who became a friend of mine,
who began to encourage me that real estate might be a good option for me. He shared some
of his successes and I kind of shared with him what I was looking to do. I guess it was
really through that relationship I ended up being recruited towards real estate. I started
doing it part-time, moonlighting like many entrepreneurs. We realized pretty quickly
that this was something that I really enjoyed, I was passionate about, and really saw a lot
of potential in. It was only a short period of time that I went from part-time to full-time.
It was the best decision I ever made. Andy: What was the thing that you needed to
get started? Was it a capital thing or a location? What was the first step?
Jordan: The nice thing about being a real estate broker is not a whole lot of capital
you need to get involved. I mean, the biggest thing, you know, everybody’s got their nuts,
so you’ve got to be doing a certain amount of business which is why I started doing it
part-time to really see that there was enough potential that I could quit my full-time job.
But in terms of capital investment, it was minimal. It was really making sure that the
job description aligned with my personality style and really what I wanted to do, and
it was a good fit. Andy: What was your biggest challenge to get
started? Jordan: The biggest challenge of getting started
in real estate is really creating consistency. You wear a lot of different hats, like I’m
sure you do as an entrepreneur in any different field. You’re wearing the hat of being in
marketing, sales, customer service and in all these different arenas. Learning how to
manage all that, you know, you have these really great months and then you have more
challenging months, so learning how to put systems in place to create consistency in
the business. Andy: If you’re going to talk to a potential
new customer or client, how or what are the things that you would want that customer to
know about you because I imagined it’s like a lot of things, there are a million business
lawyers out there, a million realtors, and million different kinds of professionals.
What’s the particular thing that you would like a potential customer to know about you
that they would think, Jordan’s absolutely the realtor for me.
Jordan: I learned early on that having a great value proposition is really what allows you
to be successful, and so I always boil it down to four things. I boil it down to marketing.
When I’m working with a home seller, I do more than any other agent I know to market
that home for sale using all the latest technologies and all resources available to me to make
sure that the clients I represent are going to be selling for top dollar. Customer service
is critical. It’s communicating with the client, being available throughout the transaction.
Thankfully I’ve come to a point in my business where I have enough past clients now that
when I meet with a new client I’ve got this great big list of references that they can
call, that people are going to be excited to share about what a great experience it
was. Being available to my clients after the transaction is over, you know, having that
continued relationship, I still have clients from my first year who four years later that
reach out to me should they need something even if it’s unrelated to real estate. A lot
of times I’m the first call if they need a plumber or whatever it may be. Negotiation
is a big one. Knowing how to negotiate, being very honest in pricing, having a track record
of my listing selling at or over market because of the strategies that I use and experience.
I haven’t been in the business for 20 years but, in real estate, the great thing is it’s
really an equal playing field. Regardless if somebody’s in the business for 20 years
or a year, you’re only as good as your last transaction. I managed to be a very busy realtor
in the sense that when the average realtor closes 3 to 4 transactions a year, this year
my average closing is 4 to 5 transactions a month. So having that kind of pulse on the
market, knowledge of the purchase contract, I guess that’s my value proposition, the
marketing, negotiation, customer service, and experience.
Andy: Were there any big successes in the last year that you could share with me? Just
pick one. Jordan: There have been some great ones. One
of the most fun things about this business is looking back at each transaction and getting
excited about what happened that was different about this transaction that I really added
value to it and earned my keep in a sense. A great one was working with an investor who
was a contractor and I was able to put him into a short sale transaction in Laguna Niguel
where he purchased a piece of property for about $380, 000 that had a significant amount
of work to be done, and invested about $70, 000 into that property. Today, two years later,
that property is worth about $750, 000. I’ve put a lot of money in his pocket, so he’s
a happy camper. Every transaction has its own set of obstacles and hurdles that you
have to overcome. So at the end of the day if we get through all that and it’s as seamless
as possible and the clients are happy, that’s a success.
Andy: If somebody was interested in trying to reach out to you, how would they do that?
Jordan: I’m always available by phone, 949-282-9381. You can also find me on Yelp and Zillow. You
can find me online on You can email me. I try to have a good web
presence, so people can find me and see what I’m about online. It’s easy to find me there.
Andy: Fantastic!

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