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♪ ♪ Welcome to Plum Landing. “Build a Watershed.” We’re on a mission for Plum. We’re going to find out
where water goes when it rains. I’m Ella, and today
we’re at my house with Jordan, Nathan
and my mom, Christy. We’re going to make a model
of a watershed. A watershed is an area of land
that collects water, which comes from rain
or melted snow, and delivers it to places
like a lake or the ocean. All right, let’s build. We’re going to build
a model watershed out of recycled materials, trays, towels
and sheets of plastic to see how water flows and how it carries things
like pollution. Pollutants are things
we put in the environment, like trash or chemicals, that
are harmful to living things. This is Mount Jordan. This is Mount Ella. Behold Mount Nathan. We built our mountains and we’re
now covering them with towels. We’re using towels so that
it looks more like a mountain instead of an upside-down
container. The last step is to put a sheet
of plastic over our mountains. Now that our watershed is built,
we’re going to see what happens when we make it rain
on our polluted mountains. These are our mountains that
we’re going to put glitter, food coloring and bits of
torn-up paper to make pollution, and then we’re going to spray it
with spray bottles and see where all the water
and the pollution collects. I think we’re ready to pollute. This glitter could be
silt or chemicals. My prediction is that the pollution will get
all mixed up in the watershed. When we spray the water bottles, all of the water’s going through
and down the mountainside. All of it’s going
to turn into streams, and then they’re going to all
mix in to a river. This is a water bottle
filled with water, and it’s going
to simulate the rain. I see the food coloring raining down the side of the
mountain while she’s spraying. I see most of it’s dripping down
this way. Some of it’s dripping down
that way. (spraying) It’s all collecting. Oh, yes! See, and it’s getting into a
purple color like I predicted. Sometimes, pollution
has oil in it. You want to put some oil in? Sure. Oh, dear! I like the oil because
it doesn’t mix with water. I think it is working
exactly like a real watershed because all the rain’s
going down and making it fall
down the mountain peaks and going into the ocean. We need to take some pictures
of our watershed for Plum. Imagine if this was a source
of drinking water. I don’t think that
this would be very good because all of the mountains
are polluted. Maybe we should protect
our watershed. It’s like on Plum Landing
when Oliver discovered when he dumped his trash,
it didn’t just go away, it went to an actual place:
a river. Explore your world
and then tell Plum about it at the Plum Landing site
at ♪ ♪

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