Broad City – A Beautiful Railroad-Style Apartment

It’s a hallway. It is a beautiful railroad-style apartment
in your budget. Where’s the bathroom? Where isn’t the bathroom? Jeez, wear a catheter,
go in the corner. You can fit
a king size bed in here. Yeah, if you fold it up
like a taco. God, why am I so
turned on right now? Ew, Pam, this place
is horrible. Let’s just move on. Look, don’t bully me,
all right– I can’t take it! I was cyberbullied within
an inch of my life last night. I make dolls
out of human hair. Who’s thirsty?

2 thoughts on “Broad City – A Beautiful Railroad-Style Apartment

  1. no joke I'd rent that studio for the right price
    I mean it has a kitchenette, fridge, a TV lol and you could fit a bed in it
    probably a bathroom and shower shared by the floor, I've seen these before

  2. I would totally watch Amy Sedaris in a comedy series as this character. She is f***ing hilarious!!! I loved her so much in Strangers with Candy.

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