BombBomb Rehumanize Conference – Video Marketing for Realtors & Loan Officers | VLOG 006

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys we made it
to the Rehumanize Conference here in Denver. I’m super excited for the day. The cool thing about this conference is all the speakers are real
practitioners: agents, lenders, people who are actually
executing on this strategy everyday in their business. And practical ways that we
can all do more of it, so. Let’s get in there and check it out. (upbeat music) I’m here live at the Rehumanize Conference with Kyle Whissel. (upbeat music) – This is what I tell
everybody I work with, or like coach, when it’s really hard,
that’s how you know you’re about ready to have a breakthrough. And most people give up at that point. And that’s when you’re
like, “I’m on to something.” When you’re ready to throw in the towel step back and think this
is actually the time when I’m gonna come up
with the idea or get the breakthrough or whatever. So, I just encourage everybody
to just keep on going man… – So on a quick break here, and two of the standout things
from this morning’s session was probably Kelly Leclair. – So when your thinking about your scripts as the opening. The first seven to 10
seconds is what everyone is going to see, and after
that they are probably going to stop watching. – She does a really good listing video with a strong call to action. And the next speaker was a gal by the name of Judy Weiniger from, New Jersey. And definitely check her out because she has some great
content on community video. Her main thing was :
people choose a community before they choose a house. So having a lot of community content, highlighting local businesses,
neighborhoods, vendors, different things about the community can really establish
yourself as a local expert and just kind of bring
value to the audience. I’m here in Denver. It’s actually snowing
this morning. (in May) I took a quick detour from the conference and ran out to go visit some place that’s so special. that I saw when I was driving to the hotel when we first got in. So I ditched the conference
and I’m running over here right now this morning to grab something. (classical Christmas music) Now I’m going to actually
go interview the CMO, the Chief Marketing
Officer Steve Pacinelli. So, that’ll be good, I’m
gonna go find him now, and do that interview. I’m here with Steve Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer of BombBomb. – Lead conversion is in the preparation on the doing. People think like, “Oh
I converted that lead because I reached out to them
and gave them my message.” But you need to craft your message first. You need to have a deep
understanding of your customer. You have to understand what
success looks like for them, what failure looks like for them, you need to empathize with them, you need to show how you can
be the guide and guide them. You can do all those
things more effectively in a video because they are connecting with you as a human
being, and people connect with other people that they like. (upbeat music) – We’re just wrapping up
for the day and they covered a ton of material over the last two days, but my biggest takeaway from all this is that the novelty of video
has kind of worn off now. And it’s not just about sending video, and you need to use video. I think most of us in
the industry are kind of up to that standard now. We all understand the importance of video, but now its about the actual
message in your video, and how you’re executing on that strategy. So I think we really need
to think about, like, why would somebody want
to watch your video? What question can you help them answer? How can you help them? What problem can you help them solve? And how can you do that in the quickest way through the video that
your putting out there with the most clarity and confidence? I think attention is a gift now, and people are distracted very quickly. So you need to be quick and to the point, and really think about it
from the viewer’s perspective. That’s something I’m gonna be focusing on a lot more going forward. So if you want to learn
more about the strategies that I’m implementing in my business and I’m helping other partners implement, be sure to like and
subscribe to this channel. And then also shoot me an email. I’ll put my email right here. And I will send you a list
of some different topics and different content ideas that you can use in your business today. We’ll see you on the next video. (upbeat music)

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  1. Neel, this video was fantastic! I wish I had one tenth the skill you have when it comes to editing. I loved everything about this. It was great meeting you at Rehumanize.

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