OUR CALLSIGN TODAY IS AIR FRANCE 456 Don’t forget to check my Instagram Channel! Ok we’re descending perfect down to 6500 feet and we’re on the path We can lower flaps anytime yes I’m waiting a bit for that! Yes sure! I think we’re going to shorten a bit the circuit If so, we can lower flaps 1 even 5 with a bit of speed brakes to have a better angle of descent SO we can descend now at 6200 feet with flaps 1 and speed 1 Ok slowly turning Flaps 5 for the turn if you agree, 6200 feet or above is the limit 200 knots 5100 feet or above anytime now Ok i set 5100 feet it will be our altitude gear down 160 knots flaps 20 VNAV anytime Let’s reduce to 180 Speed slowly decreasing for flaps 20 Flaps 30 vref+5 and altitude 3300 feet Ok we have 3300 feet, 6000 feet for go around next, flaps 30, on the Path for information we keep Flight Directors until the end, we can on this approach in case of missed approach, go around flaps 20 and 6000 climbing Stabilized already at 1400 feet not cleared yet Will you be available? I’m waiting 1000 feet to disconnect AP available? yes. I disconnect AP and keep AT and FD preceding traffic has landed thanks continue, we keep the flight directors Preceding is vacating. Be careful, a bit of tail wind tail wind is increasing a bit… I can feel it with the approach speed going to the ground slowly perfect like this Let’s vacate on the second one yes with the tailwind it’s better, still at 100 kt More than 900m to the end, 80 knots 60 knots now Ok so Charlie Charlie and we are cleared to cross runway 09L Could you confirm me it’s clear of traffic on the left? yes sure there is no one you can go no one aligned on the runway Alpha then Kilo for stand 603, in the middle, as we briefed It’s the first terminal just after emirates it’s clear of traffic I turn left it’s in the middle of the terminal it’s will be on the first third of the terminal So 603 will be the third one on the left ok So it’s right there… There is no one to enter the apron Latam doesn’t move, no indeed still behind the line ground staff on each side Ground staff say we can enter lights off please It’s written -300 it’s perfect APU is running and pressure is ok, i cut the engines

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