4200m it’s 13800 feet, I do agree with that transition level 3600m exactly This one is quite close Ok so I read 9800 and 1010 for the pressure Let’s descend! Not far away from the transition, we can already see the iconic tower I’m going to reduce at 250kt This is what we expected And as you said, its 900m / 2960ft the latest one before final 6900ft is set 🙂 We have to reduce at 230 kt on this arrival, so I’m doing it A bit hight, i’m correcting a bit of speedbrakes now to correct that on course on a long right downwind 1200m is 3900 feet flaps 5 then 180 kt 180 kt now turning in base 900m is 3000 feet flight level change to expedite descent decent point at 9.3nm i’m helping him again 2000 ft / minute is what we need… perfect turning right to intercept localizer ILS checked, it’s the good one under the glide, it’s perfect Thrust Idle speedbrakes down again go around altitude 3000 is set and cabin is ready descent in 3 nm Are you avail? I disengage autopilot city on our right hand side preceding took Delta and Papa 1 to vacate at the end of the runway we’re going to prepare the short final gear down flaps 20 with associated speed late clearance usually here go around is cleared of weather in case of when the preceding will have vacate, we will be cleared to land we will vacate by the left you can check all the elements on the left on our primary flight display. Speed, Altitude, Height, ILS,… autobrake disarmed if nothing asked, Delta 2 to vacate ok we take the parallel taxiway and we hold short 17L at Papa 1 No one on Delta It’s cleared we stop at Papa 1 there is a departing traffic on this runway I stay away from the runway, we never know ok first left after the runway strobe lights On it’s perfect This traffic in on B, so no problem for us Alpha is next left, no one there Hope you loved this video! Leave a comment, I always love to know if you like it or not! Papa 4 is Here so we’re going to turn there Crossing bravo then Lima 4

100 thoughts on “BOEING 777 LANDING AT SHANGHAI IN 4K

  1. Hey thats my home city! I fly into that airport once a year. I recently got my private license in the US, and the ATC in China sounds so different. The way ATC say "7" is different from what people usually say in mandarin. Maybe one day they will open up the sky for general aviation, and I will be sure to fly out there.

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