Best Real Estate agent in Bartram Springs Jacksonville

Hey everybody it’s Josh Rogers
I’m here in Bartram Springs. Just wanted to show you real quick
every Friday in Bartram Springs There’s Food Truck Friday. That we do right in front of the clubhouse on the green. It’s a great time for the kiddos to come out,
run around play tag on the green. And get some nice food. There’s typically four to six food trucks
every Friday with a nice diversity. So Bartram Springs is awesome they’re doing
a lot of improvements to the amenities. We just got a fountain in the front. Obviously you know everybody loves
the elementary school in the front. Taking the boys out on the canoe, there’s a
canoe launch right down the street. It’s the middle of June and it’s hot. But we love it here. So hey if you’re thinking
about selling a house in Bartram Springs. Or buying a house with Bartram Springs. I’ve been here for eight years, I have
a market share of the community. And who else better to help you than
somebody that is living here every day. And loves it. So reach out to me, call me, email me. I’m here for you guys and we’ll
see you around the neighborhood.

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