Best Places To Live in Charlotte NC – Lake Norman Real Estate – The Top 4 !

Eli Magids: Are you looking for the best places
to live in Charlotte, North Carolina? Well, I’m going to talk about four of the best places
to live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I’m getting started right now.
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Eli Magids: Let’s get into this. Huntersville, which is North of uptown Charlotte. It is
a great area to live. It is 25 minutes to uptown Charlotte. It’s about 25 minutes to
the airport. It’s got tons of housing options. It’s got major shopping like Birkdale Village,
which has pretty much a small town feel with all kinds of shopping, restaurants and movies.
There’s other shopping in Huntersville as well. Homes in the Huntersville area can range
anywhere from $200,000 up to $3.8 million, which is going to be on Lake Norman. I failed
to mention that Huntersville is right off of Lake Norman. In addition, Huntersville
has Discovery Place for kids, so Huntersville is one of the best places to live in the Charlotte
metropolitan area. Eli Magids: Another best place to live here
in Charlotte, North Carolina is just North of Huntersville, also associated with Lake
Norman and right on the shores of Lake Norman is Cornelius. Cornelius is also very, very
close to uptown Charlotte. Again, 25 to 30 minutes, no more than five minutes more than
Huntersville is. Phenomenal shopping all around. There is a wide range of housing in Cornelius
as well, ranging from 200,000 up to about 6 million bucks. Cornelius is a fantastic
place to live and the focal point, again is Lake Norman.
Eli Magids: There are a multitude of different neighborhoods here in the Cornelius area,
but one of the main ones, the granddaddy I would say, is The Peninsula. The Peninsula
has a golf course. It’s got a yacht club. It is beautiful. It has got gorgeous homes,
some on the lake, some not on the lake, so there’s all different price ranges in The
Peninsula. Another great street in the Cornelius area is one of my favorites with some of the
most spectacular homes I have ever seen is on a road called Jetton Road, J-E-T-T-O-N
Road. It’s not a neighborhood, but all the homes are on the lake and they are just unbelievable.
So that’s Cornelius, another best place to live in Charlotte.
Eli Magids: The third one on our list today of best places to live here in Charlotte,
North Carolina is the town of Davidson. Davidson, again, it’s focal point is Lake Norman. It’s
a little bit further North than Cornelius is, so it’s going to take you an extra five
or 10 minutes to get to uptown Charlotte and to the airport. But the other major focal
point of Davidson is Davidson College, one of the highest rated colleges in the country
and a beautiful, beautiful college town. Davidson’s considered, I guess a college town, but it’s
got some very, very high end neighborhoods. Eli Magids: Some of the neighborhoods here,
Anniston is a gorgeous neighborhood. River Run is a gorgeous neighborhood. Davidson’s
got a beautiful downtown. It’s quaint. It’s pretty. It’s got restaurants, it’s got the
bookstore. It is just a very quaint and charming town. One of the best restaurants in all of
Charlotte’s located there. It’s called Kindred. Everybody knows about Kindred up in Davidson,
so Davidson is another great place to live. In Davidson you can get anything from a single
family home to a condo, to a town home. Prices are going to range anywhere from about $210,000
up to about 2 million bucks. So that’s Davidson. Another one of the best places to live here
in Charlotte. Eli Magids: Number four on our list for the
best places to live here in the Charlotte area, which is also North, it is just North
of the Davidson area is called Mooresville. Now, Mooresville is technically not in Charlotte.
It’s in a different county. It’s called Iredell County, but Mooresville is stunning as
well. Mooresville’s nickname is race city USA because probably about 70% of all NASCAR
teams are located in or around Mooresville. Mooresville is the headquarters of Lowe’s
Corporation. So if you need some screws or a vacuum or whatever it is that you need from
Lowe’s, the headquarters of Lowe’s is located in Mooresville as well. So it’s race city,
it’s Lake Norman, and it’s Lowe’s. Prices in Mooresville range anywhere from, again,
$200,000 up to about $7 million, which is obviously going to be right on Lake Norman.
Eli Magids: Now the neighborhood in Mooresville, or maybe in all of the Charlotte metropolitan
area, is called The Point. The Point has got a golf course, which is owned by Donald Trump.
It’s got homes and mansions right on the water. Some of the most spectacular, if not the most
spectacular homes in all of Charlotte. So that neighborhood, that area is called The
Point. Trust me when I’m telling you this, this stuff is unbelievable.
Eli Magids: So these are some of the best places in all of Charlotte, North Carolina
to live, and these are all located North of the Charlotte uptown area, all associated
with Lake Norman. They are some of the best places to live in all of Charlotte. So are
you moving to Charlotte? Are you relocating to Charlotte? Are you looking for a home on
the lake, a home on the golf course? Do you want to build a home? Do you want one in a
new home development? Eli Magids: Remember, I’m not trying to sell
you a house. I am trying to help you find a home and a lifestyle that you love. My gift
is people, my profession is finding you a home and together we can create the next best
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Welcome to the neighborhood, whether it’s North Charlotte or South Charlotte, and until
we see each other again next time.

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