7 thoughts on “Australian Mortgages

  1. Bank scam get everyone on loans and make them slaves to them sick of this shit but what can you do if you rent as well it ain't good so what can you do

  2. Pfffft propaganda at its best people who buy multiple properties and don't acually own them are suckers not investors and now with the royal comission tighter lending standards interest rate rises and a falling property market all this is going to change and I'm really excited by it.

  3. The Government has failed it community, for a facade of a popularity vote . > A structured loan sceam can be structured for low income family to make this a achievable goal in owning a home . <
    How ever .
    With a daunting task of setting this into reality and make home dreams possible would be asking the leader of this country to hold onto some feathers and fly!

    This can be done with shifting of figures on paper and some alterations not too major .
    the program well need to have a right structure and with out compounded interest…and a win for leader of country and a win with votes .

    Oh yes it is all too heard to think isn't it Friends in Government.
    ("Lets all seat in a nice cafe and have a lunch and recover from this suggestion !")

  4. Lol. The next time we hear from Sophie she is on ‘A Current Affair’ crying about her 1 million $ debt and pointing the finger of blame at irresponsible lending.

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