Asha Mevlana’s Tiny Amplified House

(trans-siberian orchestra music) – I’m a professional musician. I play electric violin for
the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (trans-siberian orchestra music) I started playing violin
when I was six years old and played basically all
the way through high school, college, everything. Was never planning on being a musician. My true dream job like growing up is I was gonna be a
professional baseball player. That was actually like my dream job and I played baseball all
the way through college. It just never entered my head
that I could be a musician. When I was 24, I was
diagnosed with breast cancer and it was just a total shock. I mean, I’d always been healthy. It really made me re-evaluate
every single thing in my life. Music was also part of my healing. I was taking lessons with this woman. I was really having a hard
time with my improv lessons, because I was so classically trained you play like what’s
written in front of you, and I was never able to really let go. So I show up at my lesson and she said, “I want you to tell me what happened today during your first treatment.” And I started telling her and she goes, “No, I want you to play it for me.” And I just, I closed my eyes
and I just started playing like all the feelings I had
of walking the hospital, being scared of like… and then being sleepy and groggy from the drugs, and
then being around my friends who came to the treatment with me. And I just played and was,
for the first time in my life I wasn’t seeking validation
from someone outside, and I wasn’t trying to do something that I thought was the
right thing to play. I was really just playing from my heart. After I finish my cancer treatments, I actually moved to LA not knowing anyone I said, “I’m gonna be musician.” If only I have a year to live,
that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to travel,
I’m gonna be a musician and that’s what I did and I’ve
been a musician ever since. I was inspired by book
I read to just live with the things that bring you joy. And so after that, I got
rid of all the things that didn’t bring me joy
and I built this tiny house and I live with, I mean
really the things that I have are my instruments. (violin music) There are two parts to my house. The main house is 40 by 10,
so it’s 400 square feet. That’s on a foundation. And the music room is on a
trailer, it’s eight by 20, so it’s 160 square feet. Most tiny houses are eight
foot wide, and I went with 10 feet wide just to give
it a little more space. I also went with 40 foot long, which is pretty long for a tiny house. I didn’t wanna feel
cramped in a tiny house. I wanted a space where I
could actually walk around and have company over. I like a lot of light, so this
house has a lot of windows, big garage doors, anything
to like make it feel open. We usually lift the garage door
up so if people are indoor, and outdoor, it’s kind of a
seamless indoor outdoor thing. (acoustic guitar music) One of the really important things to me when I was building this house
is to have an outdoor space where I could have concerts. So I was Houzz, like
looking through pictures like for inspiration. Some people recommended
putting the porch in the back, ’cause that gives you a lot more privacy. And for me it was really
important to have it facing the street, so I could see people walk by, so I could kind of engage
with the community. That was really important to me. (band music) You might recognize the
outside of my house looks kind of like an amp, and it’s
actually a functioning amp. At the top, there’s four marine speakers and sound comes out of there. So next to the amp there’s
also another garage door, and that allows for a ton of
more light in that area too. So my tiny house is basically a rectangle, and it’s kind of divided
into three sections. There’s the kitchen section,
which is about 15 feet. My living room is
approximately 15 feet also, and then the loft area is about 10 feet. In a lot of tiny homes, you’ll
see the lofts right above the living space, and you
have to reach it by a ladder. And I really did not want a ladder, so I built these stairs that
lead you right up to the loft, kind of hidden in the back. My loft is really just for sleeping. There’s no storage up there,
and I built a custom railing around so my dog doesn’t fall off, or I don’t roll over in my sleep. Compared to a typical tiny home, my house was widened by two feet. So I was able to fit a lot
of things in there that you might not generally be able to do. A normal size fridge, normal
size stove, washer/dryer, I wanted all that to
be kind of normal size. (slow tempo music) So this is my first home, and
I wanted it to be perfect. So I was on Houzz, like
probably five hours a day for a couple months just
researching everything. Looking at exteriors,
looking at furniture. All the things that I wanted in my home. I really love the look of
the corrugated aluminum with wood. I definitely wanted that for
the exterior of my house. I entertain a lot, so I found this outdoor patio set on Houzz
which I absolutely love. It looks great on my
porch, it’s easy to clean, and it is super comfortable. The inside of my home is
pretty neutral with the colors. I really am very minimal, but
I wanted some pops of color in my living room, so
I found these prints. They’re kind of abstract with some golds, some reddish browns,
some blues that kind of brings everything together. A lot of people ask me how
I ended up in Arkansas. It seems really random,
although my brother and his wife have lived in Arkansas for years, and I’d always come to visit them and I really came to love
Fayetteville, Arkansas. A really cute town, the culture. It is absolutely gorgeous. There’s green everywhere. (acoustic guitar melody) Boys over, over. I have two little Havanese dogs. I spend a lot of time in
my backyard training them. I have a little agility
course that I set up for them. (guitar melody) My mom’s been visiting
and we’ve been able to use the space really well. And when I’m in my practice room, sometimes she’s here
practicing her ukulele. Sometimes she’ll practice out
on the porch with the dogs. I really use all of this
space in my tiny house every single day. (acoustic guitar melody) Before my cancer treatment I
actually thought I was gonna be a business person. I was gonna climb the corporate ladder. I was gonna have houses around the world, I was gonna have all these things. It was all about things and
it completely changed my perspective. I all of a sudden realized
life is not about things it’s about people and
experiences and community. (acoustic guitar melody) Go get the mail. Bring. Good boy, thank you.

34 thoughts on “Asha Mevlana’s Tiny Amplified House

  1. I love the way you think! Love the house and the way it functions. Community interaction and focal points are of great necessity in out world.

  2. I wish I was this woman. Beautiful life and story and person, inside and out! The cutest corner block too. The rustic color of the exterior with the corrugated stuff is also amazing. I would be happy there too. Very envious.

  3. I watched your tiny house build when it first aired on TV. It's nice that you now have a Houzz story that gives more info of how you found inspiration. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

  4. I lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas for almost 3 years and got to see this beautiful house as they were building it. Let me just say this house is so freaking amazing and beautiful!

  5. Beautiful. I first watched this to plan a dream tiny house venture with me and my 1 year old toddlers. I’m about to be a single mom in one week and I have been a singer in bands before I became pregnant. I’m crying now that I’ve heard more of your story after the first video I watched with the Australian gut who travels and has that tiny house channel. Anyways lol, I just love this inspiration and thanks <3

  6. I love how open it is! It has better light than my 3 bdrm home! It's amazing how a serious illness can change your entire way of thinking about the world. I know from personal experience, too. You've done amazing things and I love your spirit and energy! Thanks for sharing your home!

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