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I’m Arlene Stearns and the creator of
Image Up. Pam is the expert real estate person she goes the extra mile for you.
Pam and I must have looked at 50 houses. She has experience and has been in the real
estate business for 15 years. She educates you on the whole process so it
really goes smoothly. But Pam really looks out for your interest. We were a
unique situation since I was getting married. We actually had two homes that
we needed to sell first. So Pam put my house up on the market first. And it sold within that first weekend because I listen to what the stager said and what
Pam said needed to be done. And then Randy’s house was next. And again once
again, we listened to her suggestions and it sold right away. So then it was the
quest to find the perfect our house now. Randy and I had different ideas about
what was essential. Pam and I would go out and look at houses everywhere, but
anyone I thought was a possibility, we would have Randy go look at. And of
course, he was looking at the systems: the plumbing, the electricity, the drains;
and I was looking at where I was going to place my furniture today ( like two
different perspectives). So I took this little trip to Florida, and Randy
went out with Pam multiple times, and they found the house. It had all of the
things that I really wanted in the house and Pam convinced him to make the offer
then and there. I was sure I was going to like it and I did. So they made the offer on
the weekend, and I saw that Tuesday and I loved the house. So it was a great
selection and we’re both really happy with this house. So if you’re looking for
a house, Pam is your girl!

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