Animated D&D Story: How I Killed The BBEG And Landed An Epic One-Liner

[Channel Teaser] Mind flayers and a beholder. You sure about this? If you’re scared you can wait out here Let’s go Ready? Not yet. We can’t just go charging in there. Do you want to try to sneak in and catch them
by surprise? Well, no. I just haven’t thought of anything clever
to say yet. NO!! AHHHHHH Do you know why I call my sword “Beauty”? Because it’s in the eye of the BEHOLDER!! This player was set up perfectly to kill us
with his terrible pun. We hope you all liked this video and would
love to hear some amusing one-liners you landed in your D&D adventures, comment and let us
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All Things DnD. Our next video will be posted in 3 days, so
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