14 thoughts on “Amazing Stunning Single-family Home For Sale in Austin, TX

  1. Nice but RIDICULOUS PRICE! No views of basement; saw only 1 bedroom! Bathroom nice but not as nice as it could be for the price of the home!

  2. Texans aren't stupid…that house isn't worth the asking price….maybe an idiot from California will pay that. If you add a second bedroom bathroom and garage you might get 75k for it.

  3. Expect to pay around $10,000 a year in property tax. My house was appraised at $243,000 by the county with a homestead exemption and I was paying $813 a month in Taxes on top of the mortgage payment. Thank you Travis county. Had to sell it because I could no longer afford it. Boycott Austin real estate. Over priced and unaffordable!!!

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