Abraham-Hicks • Focus wheel on being a successful real estate seller • Law of Attraction

I’m discovering that I’m finding a lot
of unmotivated people versus people that are real attraction brings you what you
expect so keep telling that story and watch how many of them show up in your
experience okay so I’ve been focused wheeling trying to get myself in
alignment before I alright so let’s do a focus wheel here because the focus wheel
is a really good way of soothing you know what it is well tell you what it is
it’s really easy so a focus wheel is you start with a premise of something that
matters to you so in this case your statement of desire is my statement of
desire is that I so look forward to matching up with motivated homes
alright so that’s not a very good place to start because I so look forward which
means I don’t have it now I so look forward of overcoming this
obstacle that I’m tripping over so what was the next part I sold it it’s not
going to go easy on me at all you’re a powerful creator and you’re ready to
hear this and you are opening things that everyone is receiving benefit from
and so say it again I so look forward to matching up with motivated home sellers
I so look forward to it being different than it is it’s basically what you’re
starting with and so that focus wheel is not really going to get you what you
want you want to put in the center of your focus wheel a statement even though
you don’t believe it that at least sort of says what you’re
looking for so I like my fabulous real estate success how about that I am
having extraordinary success in real estate now you don’t believe that right
now it’s not even true it’s not true yet I’m having spectacular success in real
estate so that’s where you start so now you’re gonna write a series of
statements all around the edge of this focus wheel and you’re gonna start with
something that matches that that you do already believe you know those
merry-go-rounds where you want to get on the kids we’re already on it and they
had it going too fast and when you try to get on just knocked off in the bushes
well that’s kind of what a focus will is like because you’re trying to get on
something that you don’t believe you’re not vibrationally up to speed yet so
some of your statements it’s just gonna throw you off in the bushes so what
you’re looking for is a statement that is slow enough that
you believe enough that you can get on the wheel so to speak so what might you
say I’ve come a long way professionally in a short time that is a true statement
you could make that statement I’m doing good
don’t try to be too wordy I can figure this out I like to focus
I like personal progress I like understanding things I’m beginning to
understand the market I believe that it’s more intuitive than it is anything
else I don’t think that there’s a specific formula I think it’s more
intuition I’m doing pretty good at that when I meditate I come into alignment I
know what alignment feels like I know what being tuned in feels like we’re
riding around the edge of this I like getting into the receptive mode so that
I receive an impulse that pays off I like following those impulses I like not
having to work too hard at this I want to do this with ease and flow now
doesn’t really feel like much has been accomplished yet but can you feel the
ease of that he’s come into better alignment that he was before now that
might be enough for one day of one focus wheel on this subject but then the next
day you may want to shore it up a little more so you begin again now your Center
statement may change a little bit or it may stay the same you may say I really
really like real estate so pop that down pop that right in the middle of that now
reach for some statements that match that statements that match I really
really like real estate I love people finding something that really is
important to them well that’s a true statement nothing feels better you
already said that nothing feels better than for someone to find something that
they have been looking for I like being the matchmaker I like being the catalyst
I like being intuitive I’m sensitive to what people want I can listen between
the lines I I’m good at hearing what they’re really
looking for I can figure out pretty well what they’re looking for I’m willing to
work and know what the market is all right I’m in the best position of
helping people match up with what they like of anything anyone that I know I’m
I I’m in love with this process I really like doing that can you feel how he’s
shored up even more can you feel how now you’re not so out of vibrational whack
with it so now that’s enough for this focus
wheel so maybe it’s the next day and you want to shore it up a little more and so
now you might make an even stronger statement I am just I am rocking this
real estate thing in other words make it make a strong statement there and then
impulses are coming to me I know what to do my impulses are big payoffs I can
feel that all kinds of things are lining up for me it doesn’t need to show itself
to me this red hot minute for me to feel the momentum of it I can feel that it is
working out more clients are coming to me I can feel that I’m attracting those
who can feel that I know what I’m doing more and more people are feeling good
about the process with me a little more time passes now you want to shore it up
a little more I’m selling houses I’m selling houses and then you write like
that one and that one and that one those people were so happy those thoughts came
to me out of the blue I thought I was going to do something else when that
occurred to me in other words I’m tuned in tapped in turned on I am the source
energy real-estate guru in the entire I’ve got all that is out there scouting
for me scouting for clients giving them impulses to find me some years ago we
were visiting with someone who was wanting to sell his house we said why
are you wanting to sell your house and he said because we’ve outgrown it is
kind of getting to be rattled trappy things aren’t working as well as they
used to it’s not in the neighborhood that we really want to live in and we
said listen to the advertisement that you’re sending to the world coming by
this crappy place we no longer want so he said do you remember how you felt
about that house in the beginning he said oh we were so excited to move in
there it was such a step up for us he said all of the kids had their own rooms
and he said we didn’t have much furniture and we didn’t have any
landscaping but every weekend we’d go buy another tree or buy another bush and
be a family thing we plant it we’re so happy in that house and we said now
listen to the advertisement that you’re sending to the universe come and buy
this place that is just ready for you that’s just right for you one week later
he sold a house that had been on the market for a very long time because he
shifted the advertisement that he was sending to the universe
and so what you want to send to the universe is that I’m really good at this
and I really love this I’m tuned in tapped in turned on and I have all kinds
of resources that make me good at that and you will be in good hands to give me
your listing and the more listings I have the better that it is and I can
handle all of it simultaneously and the better it flows the better it flows the
better it flows the better it flows the better it flows and I’ve really got it
flowing it’s all vibrational everything is it’s not about action some people
think if they just throw enough mud on the wall some of it will stick and we
say yes and you’ve got a terribly muddy wall a terribly muddy wall it’s not like
that at all it’s not about odds it’s not about
competition it’s like you’re reading my mind it’s like that isn’t it it’s not about competition it’s not I
was like there’s a lot of competition among real estate agents and Austin’s
there’s no competition for those who are in alignment zero nobody’s using the Multiple Listing in
the sky in other words get tuned in and watch what happens haven’t you had the
experience you all have or many of you have of being online on the World Wide
Web on the Google and something totally
unrelated to what you thought you were searching for but that you are very
interested in shows itself to you oh that’s the best example that has come to
physical fruition of the way Law of Attraction works you see so all of that
information but what causes you to click here or click here or look there in
others what’s guiding your impulses well what’s guiding your impulses when you’re
tuned in is that broader perspective who can lead you to precisely what you’re
looking for but the key and we’re giving this to all of you we really want you to
hear this the most significant key is to not take score about what is happening
in terms of seeing it hearing it smelling that tasting it touching it to
just for a little while letting the satisfaction that you’re
feeling the energy that’s flowing the enthusiasm that you feel the clarity
that you’re feeling and the fun that you’re having be the price that you’re
looking for because in this business of turning thoughts to things
so you’ve sifted and you’ve launched this rocket of desire and in your vortex
is this magnificent business enterprise where you are thriving and you are
helping so many people with something that is so central to their life
experience and so important to them and so there is this vibrational reality
that is pulsing and your inner being is right there the source energy is right
there giving you information giving you vibrational feedback that you’ve got to
translate into something well what’s the first translation what’s the first step
what happens first in this process of vibration turning two things the first
step is thoughts occurring that you are receiving an emotional response
so an idea happens and you have a good feeling that response to it in other
words the idea comes and you feel exhilaration about it you know that
feeling don’t you well oh I just thought of something so fantastic you say well
that’s what’s happening you’re beginning to translate this vortex reality into a
reality that not only you can see and hear and smell and taste and touch but
others can too so there it is that’s got to be enough that’s the prize
that you’re looking for not the listing not the sale if you try to get there too
fast before you’ve done this vibrational work then you just beat up on yourself
because the gap is too wide and you’re getting your own way but if this is
enough if I just flowing and feeling good is enough then you know you’re on
track so you just keep focused Willie and you just keep feeling good and then
an idea come to go somewhere or be somewhere that is totally not related to
this goal that you have but there there’ll be a conversation and as you
are listening you will know for sure that you are being blessed with a moment
in time where something is being given to you on a silver platter is someone
saying oh I’m looking for a house in the area or it’s someone saying I’ve got one
for sale things that obvious it could be a lottery ticket it could be
anything in others we’re not kidding you your source energy can guide you to very
literal things but you’ve got to be in the vicinity and this is the most
important point that we’re making with you right now we want you to hear this
we want you to hear this we want you to hear this you have to be happy about the
emotional manifestation you have to be happy about the on condition of this can
you hear this the uncondition of this you’ve got to be happy about the
uncondition of it the listing is a condition the sale is a condition the
money in the bank that’s a condition and if you need that in order to feel good
then you’re not going to get there but if you can be happy but the idea king
happy that you’re on the trail happy that you’re happy happy that the emotion
is there knowing that it is unfolding that you are tuned in that it is in
think that it is unfolding that it is for sure for sure for sure a sure thing
if you get there it will lead it will lead it will lead and Oh once it starts
rolling people look at you let you can’t believe it every listing you get
seems to go quickly you’re getting the best listings you’re getting the best
parts of ten what’s up with you what’s up with you they’ll want to known you to
say oh you throw enough mud on the wall some of us sticks and no tell them the
truth tell them what really happened well I stopped working so hard I stopped
doing the things that caused me to not feel good and I started doing more
things that make me feel good like what I started envisioning happy people in
their new homes I started feeling proud of my part in
helping them find new homes I started acknowledging how many
beautiful homes there are that if they’re not on their market are getting
ready to be on the market I started realizing that there’s a constant
turnover that that’s what this world is all about people want change there is
not an occupation that is more conducive to opportunity than the opportunity of
people wanting to have different experiences relative to where they live
I’m in the perfect occupation for the way I feel doesn’t it feel good to you
we think this is a really good time for segment

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