“ECAM status” ” Checked” “Seat belts” ” On” “Baro Ref” “10 11 SET” “Minimum” “MDA 207ft” “Approach checklist completed” “About to deactivate the auto pilot.” “Auto pilot is off” “Cabin crew get ready for landing” “Flaps 2” ATC: “AF218 DESCEND LEVEL 29, CLEARED ILS RUNWAY 27” “Descend and maintain level 2900ft and cleared ILS approach Runway 27, AF218” “12NM, we are at 14NM, we will make it by then” “Setting 2900ft” “Authorized ILS approach” “Still above safety level, we can clearly see the hills” “I need to find the localizer” “There is a localizer somewhere around here” ATC: “AF 218 SPEED 170knts” “Speed 170knts, AF218” “Set speed 170” “12NM, 3 minutes, just above safety altitude” “Now safety level is 2800ft” “Let’s ring the GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)” “Please set 3800ft for Go Around” “9NM, 2900ft” “Radio altimeter alive” “Gear down” “Manage speed” “Flaps 3” “Speedcheck” “9NM passed at 2900ft” “Flaps Full” ATC: “AF218 CONTACT TOWER 118.1” “118.1 AF218 goodnight” “Speedcheck, Flaps full” “Tower good evening, AF218 established ILS Runway 27” ATC: “AF218 MUMBAI TOWER CLEARED APPROACH RW 27 WIND VARIABLE 04 knts” “Continue approach AF218” “Landing checklist, cabin crew” “Advised” “Auto thrust” “Off” “Autobreak” “Low” “ECAM memo” “Landing no blue” “Landing checklist completed, not authorized yet” “700ft/min (descent rate)” “Wind might turn” “Stabilized and yet to be cleared” “Checked” “800ft/min” ATC: “AF218 RUNWAY 27 CLEARED TO LAND, WIND VARIABLE 04 knts” “Cleared to land Runway 27, AF218” “No wind” “800ft/min” “Look outside” “Check” “Continue” “200ft” “600ft/min” “2nd aiming point seen” “Spoilers” “Reverse green” “Decel” “70knts” “We won’t make it to N8” ATC: “AF218 VACATE NOVEMBER 9 RIGHT ON NOVEMBER” “Vacate via November 9 and right on November, AF218” “Understood, map sent” “November right now on the right” “Yes” ATC: “AF218 CONTACT GROUND 121.9” “121.9, AF218 bye bye” “21 knts” “Ground good evening, AF218 vacating November 9 on November” ATC: “AF218 TURN RIGHT ON NOVEMBER, HOLD SHORT RW14” “Turn right on November, Hold short RW14, AF218” “Dead straight” “After landing checklist” “After landing checklist completed” “Thank you for the map” “AF218 approaching RW14” ATC: “AF218 CROSS RW14, NOVEMBER 1, HOLD SHORT MIKE 7” “Cross RW14, November 1, Hold short of Mike 7, AF218” “All clear on the right” “It will be the next one” “We might have to let him out” “He is starting to roll” ATC: “AF218, GIVE WAY TO AIR CANADA B777 TO YOUR LEFT, TAXI MIKE 7 …STAND VICTOR 15” “Give way to Air Canada from the left… …then taxi Mike 7, stand Victor 15, AF218” “It is almost right ahead of us” “Lot of traffic” “I am keeping the lights for the moment to be seen” “Something is going to be in our way” “I think you can shut some lights in the turn” “Wait, is he going to stop?” “They should start thinking about it” “It does not seem like he is speeding” “We are fine” “Might get tougher the last couple feet” “Let’s wait for it to stabilize” “We lost 80psi on Oxygen”

100 thoughts on “A340 MUMBAI LANDING IN 4K WITH ATC

  1. ERROR at minute 10:21, it's "Jet" and not "Jat" Airways. Awesome video anyways! Loved to see the beautiful city of Mumbai at night.

  2. Beautiful video Guillaume!! My country's financial capital, perhaps the busiest airport. One edit: 10:19 is Jet Airways (not JAT). Much love from India, Thanks again!! ❤️😇

  3. What a beautiful colourful runway of Mumbai. Most busy airport in the world in terms of single runway. We can see flights lined up in sky for landing. Terminal 2 is very beautiful. ✈️🇮🇳

  4. Air traffic in my Mumbai is next level.
    I spot all the international traffic from West and northwest from my window and it is awesome.
    I see air france CDG-BOM, jet airways AMS-BOM , LHR-BOM etc.

  5. Autothrust and Autopilot was off? Wow, man. But they are executing an ILS Approach and it is flown manually? Wow. Must be the "Real way of flying" .

  6. Hey thanks for these wonderful upload while flying to India. It's really hard to find or tune into Indian ATC.

  7. Oh my word!
    Watched a fair few flight-deck videos here on YouTube but this is something else.
    The footage outside is just incredible it really is, as is the inside. Just fantastic.
    Hope to see more like this. Many thanks for sharing.

  8. Может ли пилот посадить эту машину без автопилота и наземных маяков ?

  9. Chapeau Messieurs les pilotes et encore mille mercis de nous faire partager la passion de l'aéronautique. Encore une vidéo superbe, on s'y croirait ! Cela me met des étoiles plein les yeux !

  10. Brilliant video. Any chance you can shoot the airport while you leave? I mean, we normal passengers always see pilots leaving with their suitcases. Very curious what pilots actually do after landing and how everything goes. Thanks

  11. Très belle approche sur la ville avec les nuages illuminés par les lumières de la ville (dommage, cependant, pour la pollution lumineuse). L ’ATC est très "speedy".

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