But we bought this property, it’s a three bed, so it’s for a new family. Price range – we got it for the hundred thousand pound mark and spent the best part of £15,000 on it, and it will go for about the one three five, so there’s been some reasonable margin within only about – I don’t know, probably about four or five months timeframe. What’s been happening at Buckandyke? This is for the renovation project at Buckandyke Road. For those are not from my local area, near Glasgow in Scotland, this is a town with about eighty odd thousand people in it. This area where this property is is in one of the areas which is classed as a nicer area; it’s got some good schools, most of the properties were ex-council properties and the owners, using their discounts, then bought them and most of them have been maintained to a good standard. We went in on May – around about the start of May and bought this 3 bed mid-terrace property. Okay, project number three of 2019, so we’re gonna show you every single bit of it, we’re going to do a from start to finish video on it, but I’m just gonna do a little walk through with you just now, so here we go. So front of it, three-bedroom mid-terrace, next-door neighbor – don’t know what’s happening there, looks empty, needs a cut on the grass, but it’s decent. Nice bit, flats looked inside very well maintained, so these are all good signs, so we’re definitely – I think the windows might be okay. We’ll have a closer look at them in a minute, but we’ll need new doors, so there’s the two doors into the hall, into the kitchen, we might block that one there, we might block this one up, and turn that in to – if you walk in here, we might turn that in to a door right
there, and make that a little downstairs – a downstair loo. Living room! So as I said with the doors – decent doors! Good paint, chrome handles, as I said they look great. At one point in time the owner spent some good money on getting a nice new fitted kitchen. This was probably – I mean, check this out, this was probably high-end back
in its day. Check that out man, your pantry cupboard – so yeah, this was probably right high-end back in its day. Ceilings will be getting plastered, some spot lights, new back door. So while we’re downstairs, let me just show you out into the garden. I actually really like this garden. I mean, it is completely overgrown right now, but it could be a really nice garden – yeah, chop away whatever that is. What do yous think, keep the shed or not? A complete walkthrough of a new property, a project – the third project for 2019 this property will be renovated and will be put back on the market, so today is the 23rd of June, that’s when I’ve got it, got the keys couple days ago, this is the first time I’ve been in it since we bought it and I’m just basically scoping it out, next week I’ll be in with the pen and paper, and actually noting down exactly what we need, so I’ll keep you informed of that as well. Right, so this is the main bedroom, well one of the main double bedrooms – now you can see that they have not put the nice fancy skirting in here, so okay, one room we need to do, probably the bedrooms were not done. What d’yous think? Let me stand back. What d’yous think of this? – this out, very simply, the pipe’s brilliant on here, so it tells that this heating system’s fairly new, but it looks a bit tired. See by painting these up and then replacing them for new thermostatic
controls, maybe getting the plumber to replumb that in to just a new radiator. Let me see if there’s provisions down there and instead of this coming up here, it can just go right in there – makes it look much better. And another front bedroom. So we probably, because it’s looking tired and old, will replace this, get the ceiling plastered, get some spotlights, and maybe just get the light centred here. I’m gonna go ten weeks from now, we will have this back on the market with a driveway, garden done, internals, plastered covings, skirting, new carpets, the lot – new kitchen, new bathroom – every part of it. This’ll be going for top dollar, this’ll be a cracking property when it has been completed. So fireplace in here – oh, bit tight – check that! Top class storage facilities. And I’ve said this actually in previous episodes, the standard of the property was actually very good, considering what we’ve gona into before. It was old, it was tired, the people had been in it for many, many, many years, and it got to the stage where there’s
clearly been some work done on it, I mean the kitchen at one point in time would’ve been a really high-end kitchen, but it was tired and it was dated now, but it had still been well maintained. I mean the majority of the downstairs, they had used a modern skirting and facing, and the joiner had done it very well. We’re keeping that skirting and facing, because we’re always replacing it, we matched it and we’re going to put that through to the rest of the house – I mean it’s saving maybe a couple hundred pounds, but we bought this property, it’s a three-bed, so it’s for a new family. Price range – we got it for the hundred thousand pound mark and spent the best part of £15,000 on it, and it will go for about the one three five, so there’s been some reasonable margin within only about – I don’t know, probably about four or five months timeframe, and because we’re sort of three quarters – we’ve got about another two weeks, so we’re about three months into it with about two weeks to go, but there will always be some snagging and some issues. Right, so zero changed outside, so there’s no need to show yous outside – absolutely nothing there, but inside we’ve had a whole load of changes. I’m just gonna run through everything, give you a little update on things and show you what
exactly has been happening. I start in the kitchen, so radiators by the plumbing and heating engineers just so the plasterers can get in soon – have all been taken off, okay, so we ripped them off, leave the brackets on so it’s easy to get back on. All the start of the electrical work has been done so you can see a hole goes there, obviously this is all gonna get plastered, okay, so you can see this box just going in there, new sockets going down to there, and then spotlights – I like to put spotlights in the kitchen. There we go. So that’s just so he can raggle his wire along there, so the three spotlights’ll – one down the bottom, one there nice and alligned with it, but then we’ve got one there and then one right above me, okay, and that will all be getting plastered, and finally you can see here we’re just gonna go with a nice decorative light – not that one – a nice decorative light centred, right in the middle of the living room, and then over here we’re gonna put one of the fancy radiators, a kind of designer radiator as a feature, and then we’ll be putting new coving – we thought we could get away with keeping the coving that was in here, but it just wasn’t up to the standard of what we needed – that was a little bit of discolouring on it and it was breaking away, so we’re just going to replace that. A money saving tip without compromising on quality – so we’re always gonna end up ripping the skirtings and facings off and put nice molded stuff in, but the owner of this property had already done that – they’d put a more decorative skirting and facing in, so what we’re gonna do is just follow suit – you can see even going right through the hallway there, as well, possibly – see that? A nice sort of angled chamfered skirting and facing, so we’re just going to keep that and follow that kind of type round the rest of the house. Now these doors are the original doors. Nothing is wrong with them. We’ll take the little sort of brush part off the bottom, we’ll replace it to chrome fittings, we’ll sand the door back a bit and give it a nice gloss finish – all of these doors and absolutely fine – absolutely fine, and as I was saying the owner done a good job when they were – there’s all these radiators here, again they’ll all be cleaned up. Decent radiators – absolutely nothing wrong, just need a good clean, possibly a little paint. This
window ledge and windows through the door – again the windows are fine, nothing wrong with the windows, white new PVC, we’ll give them a scrub up, we’ll put a new PVC windowsill in, paint all that white gloss round there, so it will tie in nicely. Skirting and facing, same again round the
hatch, and it’s actually been done by someone that looks like a decent joiner – those vents are gonna get knocked in, and we’re gonna make that all nice and flat, the plasterer’s gonna take care of that. Bathroom – completely ripped out, that’s all getting plastered so that it can be tiled on, and we’ve got ready for spotlights going in, that one in the middle there, that’ll get blocked up. This wall here’ll just be painted so that would be nice plastered smooth finish, so – and
again, new windowsill, painted all the way round. Lastly the two bedrooms, so we fitted some double sockets in because there was very little – boiler, door, and that’s all getting replaced and refinished, so a single switch in here, there’s a double going in as well somewhere there, and this whole room’s getting plastered, vent’ll be filled in, it’ll look absolutely fine. Lightswitch has been centred, coving’ll be put in. Great, and in to the main bedroom, and again all the – these’ll all be fitted with nice chrome, fully plastered, light switch central, coving’ll be put in and and again there’s some work to be done in here, electrician’s put some double sockets in, so again we’ll get all of that done, and the grass was as bad as what the neighbors was now. It doesn’t look too bad from there, but believe me it’s pretty long. So there you have just a little walk through of this property, this three-bed terrace property in East Kilbride – will be a beautiful family home when it is all done, and all we’re at, we’re at the kind of first – we’ve done all the rip out, so that kind of first phase rip out stage is done, now it’s all the prep work, which is mainly the heating engineers and re-piping places, the electricians coming in, basically everything getting sort of scoped out, ripped out, replaced so that when the plasterers come in, we then have a nice finish for the actual finishing work to get done such as kitchens, carpets, painting, etc. and we’re only probably about a week or so away from actually getting the doors replaced and some of the sills on the windows as well, so all going well, I think we’re maybe one week or so behind schedule, but I’m pretty
confident that come middle of August we’re done, we’re dusted – so four weeks from now we’re going to be done and dusted.


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